5 wedding myths debunked!

Recently had some questions and comments from people, so thought I would just put this out there. Prepare yourself for #realtalk

Five wedding myths debunked and why they suck:

  1. You need to spend 3 months salary on the engagement ring. Who made this up? A jeweler, probably. Instead why not discuss the rings with your betrothed and openly talk about how what type of financial investment you want to make on the rings (yes, his too). Listen, talking about money is a really good thing before you pop the question. To some women it is very important to have a big ring and to others it really doesn’t matter. So have that discussion and be smart with your money.
  2. You must have equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Yes, bride’s still ask me this! I say what is more important is to ask the meaningful people in your life to stand up with you when you get married. This may mean there is more bridesmaids than groomsmen, or you have chosen a man as your best man of honor, it’s all good. You do, you.
  3. Rain on your wedding day is lucky. *sigh* Okay, technically it is a Hindu tradition that rain is lucky because it promotes a strong marriage. The wetness makes the “tie of a knot” harder to untie. Whatever. Your marriage has no more luck than if it didn’t rain. I think really good luck is if it started raining dollar bills from the sky, but that’s not going to happen. Instead, mentally prepare yourself for a rainy wedding day and have a Plan B for outdoor ceremonies or receptions and time for photographs.
  4. It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. This comes from the tradition of arranged marriages, when the bride and groom first face-to-face meeting WAS at the ALTAR. So I believe we can ditch this tradition as being anything but archaic. If you wish to not see each other before your wedding, then by all means. It’s just not going to bring you anymore luck than the rain mentioned above.
  5. You need to have wedding favors for your guests. Unless you can come with a cute unique idea that fits your overall theme of your wedding or both the bride and groom’s personality, then don’t purchase favors just to have them. Who’s going to use a matchbook? Put your money to better use: a smores bar, hot chocolate station, an extra hors d’oeuvre, a signature drink … you get the picture.

There are so many more to add to this list … any come to mind?

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