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It’s the latest wedding crack for all you lovelys planning weddings. Welcome to the fray,

We know you’ve heard of it. Who hasn’t? It’s a plethora of photos and information for anything! Recipes, books you may want to read, clothing, photos, and of course, weddings.

So here are some points on how to use to gather ideas for your wedding:


  • Start your own board for your wedding. That way you can keep it separate from all your other fascinating pins.
  • Share your pinterest with your wedding vendors! We immediately follow our clients because it helps us get to know their tastes and aesthetic views. Encourage your event designer and photographer to follow you as well. They don’t have to be on pinterest, you can just send them a direct link to your board.
  • Remember … this is open to the public. So if you find a super cool idea and “pin” it in your wedding folder, well your 45 friends will see it as well. So if you want to keep some of your wedding ideas secret, then save the photo to your computer.
  • You can download an app for your smart phone. Because we all know that inspiration for your upcoming nuptials can happen at any moment of the day. Multi-tasking while standing in that long line at Target just took on a whole new meaning!
  • You can download “pin it” extension in your browser for pinning photos as you peruse the internet. I told you this is crack for the creative.
  • Do NOT link every pin that you do to your Facebook account. It’s too much and clogs your feed.
  • CAUTION: You can have TOO MANY IDEAS. Seriously. You can’t do them all for your wedding. Even IF money was no object. So pin away my friend, but learn to edit when it comes down to final decisions.
  • As always, I remind our clients who have exquisite taste, but are planning their wedding on a  limited budget … that floral arrangement that you adore, may cost triple of what you are willing to pay. That’s why it’s so darn gorgeous.


We’ve actually starting pinning photos from our real events and table scape designs. We plan to grow this as we move forward.

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