morning wedding session after your wedding

Is there a new trend for wedding photography? There may just be.

Have your wedding photographer come to your hotel suite for a potentially sexy “Morning After” photo session. Just the bride, groom, and your photog. At least that is what the article said.

Intrigued to learn more, I contacted the photographer, Michelle Jonne. She gave me the low-down on this super cool concept:

“The Morning After” does not take place the night or next day of your wedding for multiple reasons: 1) we respect the wedding night and do not want to photograph any sexual acts 2) we do NOT want to photograph couples that are hungover 3) the photos are done in a tasteful manner and are meant to be implied, playful, sensual, edgy and tasteful all in one. The Morning After not only has to be for newlyweds but any couple in love and wants to capture it.  I think it can be used as a tool to re-ignite the fire in one’s relationship, celebrate an anniversary.

I totally concur, Michelle. Now at first, I was a little doubtful. But realize this is more of a staged photoshoot and is just a beautiful reflection of a couple’s love. Whether you want it to round out the wedding photo album or frame on your bedroom wall around your anniversary.

Check out this love that Michelle captured:

What do you think? Would you be up for it?

photo credit: michelle jonne photography 

ps You should know that most wedding couples are usually so tired from partying the night before that the morning of starting new lives together is when they actually get to, er, consummate the marriage. Now THAT would be a whole different type of photography session. 🙂

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