thank you wedding vendors!

On behalf of my associate, Kerry Sensenbrenner and her new husband, Chris Sensenbrenner, we would like to thank all of the wonderful vendors that worked really hard on her wedding day.

This was a special occasion for our team and many months of planning went into their wedding. The most important thing was that we would be able to enjoy the reception with our husbands … and we did!

Here’s a sneak peak of Kerry and Chris’s wedding.

The beautiful photographs are from Amy Shepherd Photography and her lovely husband and 2nd shooter, Paul. Thank you both for your great work, positive energy and we can’t wait to see the rest of the images.

Love this photo and all our interesting details that we designed and created.

  • Thank you Sally from Welborn Events for fabulous floral artistry and collaborating with us on design. Your help with break in and striking helped us enjoy the reception.
  • Thank you Dave Kennedy for your always exceptional emcee work and keeping the party moving and dancing.
  • Thank you Eyenamics for your winning personality and soon-to-be-watching exceptional wedding film. Our homemade iPhone videos obviously won’t compare to yours.
  • Thank you Chris at Rapp Owen Granary for your kindness and awesome service. Wendy too! Always a treat to work with you ladies.
  • Thank you Andrew for the sweet golf carts in New Harmony. My legs heart you.
  • Thank you Piece of Cake for the delicious cake. Kerry ate almost the entire chocolate bottom the next day.
  • Thank you to all the church ladies at Johnston United Methodist Church that were open and warm to us at
  • Thank you New Harmony Inn, always a pleasure staying with you. Your customer service is exceptional.
  • Thank you, last but not least, Bauerhaus Catering and Tim March for your fabulous tasting food and really stepping up to make sure we all enjoyed the day.
  • Thank you Kerry and Chris … for being an EXCELLENT bride and groom. You were open, fun, excited and your guests felt your energy. Much love and years of happiness to you both!

plan on!


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