how to request an inquiry for wedding services

Our first installment in our series, choosing your wedding vendor, we start with “the inquiry”.

Obviously this is YOU (the bride) requesting for the wedding vendor to contact you. Most of these requests are done through the vendor’s website contact or you emailing them directly. But you could apply the same techniques if you were leaving a phone message.

We wish we could post the web inquiry “client blooper requests” we have received in the past, but that would not be the right thing to do. One planner friend of mine recently received a web inquiry where the bride rambled on and on without saying much of anything and never left ANY way to contact her back. Believe it or not, the vendor is not able to see your email address through a web inquiry form.

Think of it this way, if YOU (the bride) were selling a service, what would you like to learn from an incoming inquiry?

Here are some tips on filling out a web inquiry form for optimal results:

  • Email: Be sure to include your email address through the vendor’s contact form. You may not know this, but when you fill this out, it doesn’t show where the email came from.
  • Telephone: Please leave a telephone number. You can put in the Comment section if you would prefer to be contacted through email, but sometimes emails bounce and it would be better for a vendor to be able to follow up with a phone call.
  • Wedding Information: ALWAYS put your wedding date. It’s great to add the area where you want to get married and what type of service that you may be interested in learning about. Also, THE BEST TIME to reach you.
  • Read the Vendor’s Website: Some vendors sell packages and put them online with pricing. Others state on their site that they customize services but will have a starting price (we do that). So asking a vendor to send pricing that sells customized services isn’t very helpful, because they cannot. They should be able to tell you where their service pricing begins or a range.

Following these tips are to help you and the vendor not waste your precious time.

Tomorrow: how to interview your wedding vendor

plan on!

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