oh, good grief … my aha moment is in the finals!

If you are sick of seeing me post about my aha moment, then you are in good company. Because I’m just about tired of writing about it. I’ve talked about it here, here and (sigh) here.

But at the same time, kinda proud.

My video was selected (thanks to all of you) as the last 25 finalists to make the NATIONAL COMMERCIAL in 2010. Only 10 videos will be selected for the commercial.

Cool, huh? It is, but I have beg all of you to vote, one last time.

Swear, I will not join a contest for at least 10 months. I had no idea when I taped it this summer that I would end up here.

It only takes a moment. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP (thank goodness). Simply click on this link and you will see my aha moment video and click vote! I even got my own URL: http://ahamoment.com/vote/saundra

Super, duper appreciate it and I hope to make it and represent all the wedding professionals out there !!!

VOTING ends on October 31, 2009.




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