converse chuck taylors brings happiness to this wedding planner

Everyone knows I love to collect Converse Chuck Taylors. I’m often asked how many I own. Sorry that is privileged information. My clients (both corporate and weddings) get excited and cannot wait to see what color I’ll wear to their event. I’ve been documenting a few in my collection and have added a new page to the blog, Chuck Taylor Lover.

If I can, I try to match the colors. Like this past weekend for Meghan + Patrick’s outdoor wedding reception (which will be blogged about SOON). It did rain and there was definitely some mud!

Take a look at this photo, before and after event:

dirty-chuck-taylorsAlready threw them in the washer and they are back to brand spanking new!

I just figured that if I have to wear flats (taking care of my precious spine), I’m going old school and looking cool.


7 thoughts on “converse chuck taylors brings happiness to this wedding planner”

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  3. hahah! Too funny. I didn’t know you could throw them in the wash… before I read the post my first thought was “wow those ones on the left look brand new!” – so, washing them really doesn’t make the rubber turn yellow or anything? Now that I’ve deemed mine my “lucky chucks” they’ve gotten SUPER dirty from excessive wear 🙂 – a good washing might be just what they need.

    1. Well, true Chuck Taylor lovers will tell you that it is better to have them dirty and worn in. That is the way they are suppose to be. I have some of those, never washed. BUT I wear my “good” ones with dress slacks, so those cannot look like dirty sneakers. So no, do not wash your “lucky chucks”. They are fine just the way they are!

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