rate increase on first-class postage stamps

You probably have heard already that The Post Office is raising their prices on the first-class postage stamp. Beginning May 11th, the price of a first-class stamp will go from $0.42 to $0.44. Envelopes between 1-2oz. will go from $0.59 to $0.61. Remember that you can buy “Forever” stamps. Just buy them before May 11th to get the $0.42 price.


Be sure to stock up on first-class “Forever” stamps now so you can use them on your RSVP envelopes. You know that you should always provide a stamp on the RSVP envelope to help responses get back in a timely manner.

Visit the USPS press release & more information.


You’ll always want to take your fully, stuffed invitation down to the post office to have it weighed to know exactly how much you will be paying for mailing it out. Many square envelopes and unusual sized invitations will require more postage, in some instances, over $1.00 each. You’ll want to consider that when budgeting stationery and postage in your wedding budget.

plan on!



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