your wedding venue, a blank canvas; finale

The finale on how we took a 4H center and transformed it into one of the most romantic wedding receptions, of ever! I can tell you the guests were BLOWN away and mouths dropped when they entered the room (if we only had pictures of that).

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

Remember the stage? A fantastic focal point for the cake, and it turned out better than we could of imagined. Natalie wanted a traditional head table so we put her wedding party on the floor in front of the beautiful cake display. Notice the two tall floral trees on either side!

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

This photo was taken from the stage looking out towards the guest tables. If you look on the far back wall, that is where we placed the food stations. To cover the roll up door and wall, we draped and uplighted the sheer white fabric. It’s an exact mirror of the draping on the stage!

4h center posey county planning forever events decor


Drape can be cost prohibitive, especially a room this size. So instead we used strategic LED smart lighting around the room. The uplights were beautiful and didn’t draw attention to the sterile walls, instead softly enhancing the overall look. Remember the tulle and twinkle lights? Well now with all of the other modern lightening effects, it doesn’t look so outdated!

The next three photos were taken by Equinox Wedding Photography.

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

I ask you, do you think you’re in a community center?

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

What total awesomeness of the staged wedding cake and the custom gobo light on the “dance floor”. Custom gobos are really easy to have made and add so much to your event!

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

The happy couple, Roddy + Natalie.

What can we say? We started setting up on Thursday for this event and broke down on Sunday. It was a long process but so worth it. It turned out to be one the most memorable weddings in 2008. It was an added bonus that Natalie and Tonya were so awesome to work with, and fun!

Hope you enjoyed the transformation, let us know if you are having to work with a challenging space!


13 thoughts on “your wedding venue, a blank canvas; finale”

  1. Saundra,

    This transformation is truly amazing. I am very impressed! My favorites are the large floral trees and the showcased cake table. The bride must feel so blessed to have found you!

  2. Let’s see here…I love that the cake was set up on the stage with the draping, beautiful focal point. I also love that you sporadically placed uplights around the room to lessen the attention of the sterile walls and even the units on the wall. Saun, I agree that the tulle and twinkle lights don’t look so outdated when paired with modern design. Girl, you have out done yourself!

  3. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. However, I cannot take all the credit; we are blessed to be able to pull together a fabulous team (a village really) to pull this transformation off.

    Natalie and Tonya were pretty awesome too! Very definite viewpoints and wide open to our suggestions! Great combination!

  4. Lynn, photographers in this area love it when we do decor because we use the uplighting – it does make amazing pictures!

    LED lighting prices will vary from city to city. We don’t over charge for it because it helps the room look amazing. Just a little parameter lighting isn’t too expensive $2-300.

  5. OMG this is beautiful. Where are you located out of and how far do you travel? Our wedding is this Oct and we would love some pricing quotes

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