what day of the week should you have rehearsal dinner?

The grande finale of the wedding rehearsal week…..we submit to you a new idea.

what day of the week do you say?

The typical day of the week for Christian wedding ceremonies is held on Saturdays. So the typical wedding rehearsal is on the day before, or Friday evening, and of course follows the rehearsal dinner.

This year we had several wedding clients that opted to have their wedding rehearsal on THURSDAY before their Saturday wedding. This allowed them to have a really fun rehearsal dinner with the friends and family, as well as stay up longer. Talk about a real, pre-wedding event!

This idea has been so successful! The bride and groom get to relax on Friday and get some last minute errands if needed. They can get a good night’s rest on Friday evening without worrying about all the details and angst that comes with the rehearsal dinner.

couple caveats to remember

One way this wouldn’t work is if you have a lot of out-of-town members in your wedding party. Understood that many of them will take off Friday from work but can’t take off the Thursday as well. But if you are planning a local wedding you may want to consider this idea.

Some of you may be worried that you will forget the ceremony parts or your wedding party won’t know when to walk, etc. If you have a planner, then you are set…because all you have to do is show up and she’ll remember to tell you where to go and when. Also, you never have to remember the stuff at the altar anyway, your officiant will guide you through your vows.

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3 thoughts on “what day of the week should you have rehearsal dinner?”

  1. i agree with Thursday night. we had ours on Friday and it got a bit out of control and many people stayed up late and were a bit “out of it” for the wedding. most were able to rebound by the time the dinner and drinks were served, but it made for a lower energy wedding then might have otherwise happened.


  2. We did this, but our wedding was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and our RD was also Thanksgiving dinner! A bit ambitious, but the family had no excuse not to be there. Plus it opened Friday up for a pubcrawl. I highly recommend a Thursday RD — those who really need to be there will come.

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