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While we are veteran wedding planners (twelve years), we still learn things at each wedding. Seriously. Something new, all the time! Even though we have pretty much experienced (almost) everything.

So today, for you DIY couples that are planning your own wedding without the advice or direction from a professional planner, I’m going to give you some free advice.

free advice on wedding planning:

  1. Never ever, assume. This seems obvious, but this mistake happens all the time. You assume the bartenders will clear the tables after your wedding. You show your florist a photo of a centerpiece that you like and you are excited to see the low estimate for the same centerpiece. You assume the cake person will create a cake that looks just like the Pinterest photo that you gave them.
  2. Ask questions. You should clarify and ask what everyone’s roles are at the wedding reception. Bartenders do not clear, they set the bar and serve. Your floral estimate is within your budget (yay!), but you should know that it may mean there will be a lot less flowers in that centerpiece. Is that what you want? You think your cake will look like your photo and be placed straight on the your vintage cake stand, but instead it arrives like this:


So why does this happen? I believe it is because we are all so busy and have so much information to process on a daily basis, that both sides think they are understanding what the other is saying, but they don’t. No one is being malicious. So my advice, which I will also follow, will be to ask certain questions, clarify the plans, and not take for granted that another person understands what you are wanting.

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plan on!

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