get your wedding guests dancing …

We have the coolest clients who are willing to try something, a little different. Especially when it comes to getting your wedding guests dancing!

This fall we had a client, Rachel Adams Sansing, who implemented a brilliant idea on getting everyone on the dance floor. She also has a kick-ass blog, just in case you were wondering. Back to the story.

the formal dances were switched up

  1. First Dance as a Couple
  2. Mother of the Groom / Son Dance went first (as everyone knows this is the last dance)
  3. Father of the Bride / Bride Dance

This is when it got interesting. Shortly into the dance, the Rachel and her father stopped dancing and ran out to get new partners. The two couples danced for awhile.

Then they stopped and ran out and got new partners. And so on, and so on. Until the dance floor was completely filled!!

Then the DJ kicked off Open Dancing and everyone was up and moving immediately after the end of the formalities. It was so cool!

Would you consider doing this?

featured photo credit: pfe iphone

plan on!

2 thoughts on “get your wedding guests dancing …”

  1. It was a fantastic idea & I loved the energy/synergy it created at the reception.

    For someone wanting to know how our family did this, well her dad then danced with me (Rachel with Nathan), then he danced with his mom, while I danced with my dad (grandpa)… The more folks on the floor, the more we had to rush out and grab a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or cousin. I’m pretty sure there were a few who never left the dance floor!

    By the way, Saundra did a fantastic job planning & managing the whole event! Kudo’s!

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