why you should join your reception cocktail hour …

We live in a very traditional area, especially when it comes to weddings. That’s okay, but it’s time to break out and change things up at your wedding. For instance, joining your reception cocktail hour with your guests.

why joining your reception cocktail hour, is like, awesome

You’ve planned the biggest party of your life, your wedding reception. Lots of time, energy and money has been spent on this one evening.

So instead of spending time with your guests (especially the ones that have flown across the country to share your celebration), you’ve decided to take tons of photos after your wedding. Maybe, because you didn’t see each other before your ceremony (we’ve talked about the benefits of this here).

Of course, this is totally up to you … but we suggest, a simple alternative.

just imagine

Your guests have sent you off from your ceremony. You take a few moments to be together (just the two of you) or with your wedding party. Allow the guests to go to the reception and enter; getting themselves a drink and munching on your hors d’oeuvres. Then, while everyone is still basking in the glow of your lovely ceremony, you enter! *HINT: be sure to have your emcee announce you.

You’re rushed with loved ones wanting to congratulate you and actually be a part of your day. You get to have some of your treats, instead of just hearing how good the bruschetta was later on in the evening.


Now you have probably made direct contact with at least half your guests. No more walking around during the meal to greet your guests. I’ve never really liked that idea. How awkward to have your guests of honor talk to you when you are trying to eat.

All of our brides and grooms (and I’m happy to report, this is happening more and more) are so happy they decided to join their guests during their reception cocktail hour.

It makes for a more memorable day. What do YOU think?

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  1. As a wedding photographer, I wholeheartedly agree. Taking as many photos before the ceremony insures the newly married couple a swift arrival to their party! I find I’m able to record more Real Moments during the cocktail hour–I love to get candid photos of people talking and laughing!

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