one of our own, is getting married!

Oh joyous days … the long awaited wedding of Kerry Devine, planning…forever events associate event engineer, to her honey, Chris Sensenbrenner is only one week away. ONE WEEK!

You would think that planning your own wedding (when you ARE a wedding planner), would be easier. Not so. In fact, there tends to be more pressure! At every wedding we worked at together, Kerry would would talk about her own wedding (even before she was engaged). “I like this. I don’t  like this. We are not using that vendor. This idea is so cool! I don’t like those flowers.” You get the drift.

Kerry tried every single cake at every wedding, trying to choose the right flavor and cake designer. Please, she can use the extra calories. She watched every DJ carefully. She scrutinized venues. Decided on bar needs. The list goes on.

She even didn’t follow my own advice at times, which consequently, kinda back-fired on her. But I’m not one to tell her, I-told-you-so. Crud, I just did. We fixed it and moved on.

So planning a wedding, as a wedding planner, is not without its drama. She’s held up like a champ and I could not be more excited.

Over the next week we will be video taping the last week pre-wedding planning and the details. All the way up to her big day, on March 24th. This may even include a snapshot of her bachelorette party. You’ll want to come back and see these. It will be nothing short of amusing.

photo: amy shepherd photography

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  1. Thank you so much for everything! This wedding would not be possible without your help every step of the way! Thank you for putting up with me!! I’m thinking my new line will be, “ooooh I should have done that…at my wedding!” LOL LOVE YOU!

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