wedding dresses destroyed. what the hell?

Priscilla of Boston in Houston

In case you haven’t heard, Priscilla of Boston in Edina, Minnesota had their own little “trash the dress” party right before the end of the year.

You see David’s Bridal, who owns Priscilla (a bridal boutique), decided to close all of their store locations after 65 years in the business (thank you again, economy).

So with the doors closing, what do you do with the extra inventory? Apparently you bring the beautiful dresses out back and spray paint them with orange paint so they are never wearable. Now, you may ask yourself, why not donate them to a charity? Great question.

A spokesman from POB said that the dresses that were destroyed were old, tattered floor samples that needed repairing AND some labels contractually did not allow for them to be donated (this is me, paraphrasing. You’re welcome).

Who are these labels? A bystander said they found a $6k Vera Wang dress that was beautiful, BEFORE the orange paint, of course. I dug deep in the comments of the major news sites that were covering this story. On commenter (who worked for POB) said that they sold all the Vera Wang dresses by October 2011.

So who is right and who is wrong? Here’s my opinion (did you think you wouldn’t get one?):

  • Legally, POB has the right to do with whatever they want with their own inventory. Do you have anyone standing over you on how you dispose of your garbage or old clothes?
  • SUPER tacky destroying the dresses out in public at a busy shopping location. If they HAD to destroy dresses, then more discretion should have been used.
  • Publicly list the designer labels that force you to destroy inventory as oppose to donating them. THIS is the crux, because those are the labels that should be boycotted. And, as far as I know there are many designers that design for POB, thus POB has their own label.
  • Nah, I’m still back on cutting out the labels and donating them. Heck, a homeless shelter … some of them would make great comforters.

What’s your point of view on this subject? Let’s hear it!

image: (that’s a POB in Houston, TX)

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3 thoughts on “wedding dresses destroyed. what the hell?”

  1. My jaw hit the floor when I read this the other day. Donate them. Period. That’s how I feel. It reminds me of all of those grocery stores that throw out perfectly good food at the end of the night rather than donating it to a homeless shelter. Creates unnecessary waste.

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