tips on securing your wedding gifts at reception

It’s a huge concern for brides and grooms on how to secure their wedding gifts at the wedding reception. Short of having a security guard stand by the gift table the whole evening, it’s difficult to have this situation 100% effective. Usually the concern is not the large gift boxes, but the little treasures that come in the envelope cards. That’s where the real “Benjamin’s” are.

Instead of hiring the FBI to guard your gifts, let’s try these real life suggestions:

Have someone in charge of the gift table.

Especially watching the gift cards. We monitor the gift cards for our clients by removing them and putting them in another secure location. We also move all the gifts to a predesignated family member’s car before the end of the meeting. Security is best!

There is no such thing as a totally safe gift card box.

We’ve seen jars, birdcages, boxes that look like a cake, treasure chests, huge heavy mirror boxes and more. All of them can be opened. Obviously, how else would you get your cards out? So short of putting a safe on top of your gift table, you’ll just have to let that theory go.

Change the location of the gift table.

It’s normal to have your gift table by the entry doors at your reception, this is so guests can drop off their gifts as they enter the room. However, if your reception is in a busy hotel you may want to consider moving your gift table across the room to a more secure location. If you do that, you’ll want to appoint a hostess to take the gifts to the table to help your guests.

If your gifts or gift cards are stolen, you should report them to the stores immediately. Through the use of surveillance cameras, the culprit can often be caught.

Bottom line; you do your best to secure your gifts, but it should not be something that you overly stress about at your wedding. There many more fun things to do!

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  2. If you get married then you need to secure your gifts because that is given by connecting your heart.At venue you must have bridal suite or some thing in which you can save their presents.



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  3. This is EXTREMELY good advice. Thieves are realizing they can make a killing by raiding gift tables and card boxes. The best tip is to have someone or even a couple of people responsible for watching the gift table. Nothing deters would be thieves more than watchful eyes!

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