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Everyone knows about Pinterest.com it’s the fastest growing social website out there! We gave some tips on managing this beast of creative ideas for your wedding last September.

So here’s a quick update for you lovely brides that are planning your wedding at the same time some of your friends are planning their own weddings.

You know how competitive this can be. You get a great idea and then they use it just before your wedding. OY! The only thing worse would be showing up wearing the same dress at an event!

Pinterest has fixed this for you. They now have private boards. PRIVATE! Yippeee! We’ve known about this for several months now, so it isn’t late breaking news. But I still find some brides that do not know bout it!

Go to your Pinterest account and click on Boards. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you should see a heading Secret Boards and four Create a Secret Board slots.

I love the whole “secret” part of it. So CIA.

We use them with our clients. We can all add inspiration photos and now everyone (your family, friends, potential guests) will see your ideas.

It’s not fun when all you hear after your wedding is, “Yes, I saw your Pinterest project at your wedding”. Sheesh.

So do you have your private board set up yet?

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plan on!


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