let’s keep this wedding intimate

I read an interesting article on USAToday.com searching for a Natalie Portman photo of her wedding this past weekend. The article talks about how celebrities are turning to having “home” or “personal residence” weddings more and more. They love the intimate feel of it and it’s so much more personal.

We have been seeing this trend grow for our clients in the last few years. Trust us though, it is NOT about saving money, but creating a personal experience. The reality is that a private residence wedding will cost you more than having it at a regular venue. You have to bring in every single item and it is a very long list (wedding planners really earn their money on these types of events).

Even though it is hard work, private weddings have been some of our most memorable events. Here are a few of our highlighted weddings … (just realized we need to upload more!

ps I found a photo of Natalie’s wedding dress. I’m not sure I understand the look? The tea length dress is cute, but the sleeves don’t fit properly and it is odd to have a wreath on her head (doesn’t match the look).

featured image photo credit: jordan barclay

What do you think of it? 



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  1. We DIY-ed all of the bouquets for my wedding with Farmer’s Market flowers! I talked with a vendor a few times leading up to my wedding just to get an idea of what he would have available, but since I didn’t really have anything particular in mind that I wanted,

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