all you rented was a roof

I don’t know about venues in your area, but we have some here locally that all you rent is the establishment. All that is there is a roof, doors, HVAC, kitchen, tables and chairs. As the bride and groom; you are responsible for bringing in a caterer, setup, liability insurance, and cleanup.

Make a person’s head spin (unless of course you do this for a living).

Consider when you are planning your wedding at a rental hall facility…

  1. When the rental agreement says “events to end by 12am” … they usually mean that you and all your personal items (decorations) need to be OUT of the venue by 12am. That doesn’t mean you can party till 11:59pm.
  2. Don’t forget the cleanup! It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. All trash has to be bagged and hauled to the dumpster. And this isn’t a light load either.
  3. Speaking of cleanup…don’t forget to find out, “Who’s gonna bus the tables”? When you hire a caterer and bartenders from a separate company…none of them bus the tables, usually. So you need to talk to them and add that in writing in your agreement.
  4. Speaking of tables being bussed….seriously…this job sucks. Do you want to ask your drunken aunt and other families members to do this after they have been on their feet all day? Or worse…you are there with your new groom picking up half drunken beer bottles/glasses? Ewwww. Consider hiring an entirely separate cleanup crew. Maybe they can also take down and pack up your DIY decorations.
  5. Many facilities require a separate liability insurance so if someone falls and hurts themselves they cannot be sued. Many people don’t know who to contact. I do. Call the rock star insurance girls at Lynnbrook Insurance …they can help you out with that and any additional wedding insurance needs you may have!

I have had some great weddings at venues like this….certainly hotels or country clubs are easier on the brain. You just have to be focused, organized and the ability to look at the overall picture.

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  1. Great advice about hiring a separate crew for the cleanup of the site. It is not proper to ask your guests to do such a thing and I’m certain that is the last thing a bride and groom has on their minds at the end of the wedding celebration. Clean up? Oh, no!!!

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