your marriage license …

It’s the piece of paper that makes you official and legally married in your state and for the government. If it’s filled out properly.

Our clients are often rushed through the process when they go to the courthouse, depends how busy the clerk is.

to clear up any misnomers, here’s some help for Indiana and Kentucky:

  1. Both of you must attend, in person. With valid driver’s license or ID. They want to see your current address.
  2. Bring your CASH to pay for your marriage license. Indiana: $18 for residents, $60 for non-residents. Kentucky: $35.50
  3. Indiana: you can get your marriage license up to 60 days in advance. Kentucky: you can get your marriage license 30 days in advance. If you want to start filling out your license in advance for Indiana, here is a link:
  4. You must be 18 years of age or older. If you have been previously married, you must bring your divorce papers. There are no waits or holds.
  5. You purchase your marriage license in the state that you are getting married in.
  6. Now this is where some people get confused. The clerks will give you two documents. One will be in an envelope and look like an official legal document. That’s because it is. Don’t fill it out. Have your officiant fill it out, they know what they are doing. You have to sign this and your witnesses. This document MUST be mailed back to your city clerk to file. This is when you become legit married under the eyes of your state.

There will be a second document, it’s pretty … on thick paper. That’s your marriage license that you keep as a “keepsake”. Please don’t frame it. That’s weird.

Be prepared in advance to make copies of your documents if you need your marriage license to prove your marriage for a honeymoon resort discount. Sometimes the pretty license can serve as this, but I really recommend copying the legal document.

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plan on!


our pfe babies …

One of the coolest things about being a wedding planner is staying in touch with your clients and watching them grow into families (thank you Facebook).

So we thought it would be awesome to show off our pretty and handsome pfe babies to everyone. These are some of our couples from the past ten years. Of course not everyone is on here; a few couples are off the grid and as of this blog post, I know of one baby boy that is still cooking but should make his debut soon.

click here for the pfe baby page!

So if we are missing your little pumpkin, then please email me saundra (at) and we will get him or her up here immediately.

It’s a really sweet page, I hope you’ll take the time to look.

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rock on, little ones!



did you marry your best friend?

The genius Atom Smasher (well he added that title) posted on Facebook an interesting comment today that inspired this post (I’ve paraphrased to protect the innocent).

I can’t stand it when girls say, “I married my best friend’. Your best friend is the person you call to complain about to your husband.

He really does have a point. The things I talk to my besties about is often very different than what I discuss with my husband. Usually because he actually MAY be the topic of the conversation.


I will say that I’m very upfront with my husband. I do not play that coy, girlie, guess-what-is-wrong-with-me, game. You know the one, ladies …

Him: What’s wrong?

Me: (silence) Nothing. (shrug)

Him: Ok.

Me: (sulking silence, why doesn’t he KNOW what is wrong?)

I’m not a mind reader and don’t expect him to be one either. So rest assured, when he is making me mad or not doing what I feel he should be doing, he hears about it. Clearly. Ok, sometimes loudly. By the time I get to calling one of my besties, it’s to complain about how he’s not changing his behavior. Or complain about kids. Girls are always talking about kids.

My take on this? When others refer to their spouses as their “best friend” — it’s really referring that this is THE person you show your most vulnerable side, the real side of you, good or bad, 24/7. Your bestie doesn’t see that, there is always a little bit of a cloak, otherwise they probably wouldn’t be friends with you.

What do YOU think?

plan on!

ps I may lose a best friend with this photo. Kelly McWilliams is so special to me. And when we Facetime, we make fun of the way we look.



snapshots of real love, the finale

I’ve been posting this week (first time ever, be nice). I LOVE, love… and my family, friends and clients are so important to me. So this month I decided to take a snapshot a day, about what real love is about. Part 1 and Part 2 (in case you missed it).

But before you look at this final photo and note, take a moment. How are you celebrating love on a daily basis with your spouse, significant other or children? Life can be challenging and it’s short.

So what are you doing to celebrate every day and tell the people that mean the most to you, that you care about them? Please! I’d love to hear it below in the comments.

Okay ….. the finale!

Day 14: Sweet Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! My late night/last minute crafting surprised Hubbs’ as he opened his gift this morning. I think his breakfast may have gotten cold while he took time to read each card. There are hundreds of reasons I love him, and am so glad he’s my Forever Valentine. ♥ you Paul Gorman!

snapshot14 550x328 snapshots of real love, the finale










Love, love!



snapshots of real love, until valentine’s day (part 2)

So here is part two of the series of how I have been capturing real love with my family. Every day. Until Valentine’s Day. If you’re late, here are days 1-7.

Day 8:

Love baked into yummy goodness. Whipped these up the other night to share with family and friends I love!

snapshot8 550x328 snapshots of real love, until valentines day (part 2)

Day 9:

Today, Love looked like my sweet 6 year old. He’s such a joyful child. His eyes light up when he smiles. He’s one of the great loves of my life. (Happy Birthday Buddy!)

snapshot9 550x919 snapshots of real love, until valentines day (part 2)

Day 10:

Date night! It’s so good for us to keep ‘dating’ each other. Whether it’s an inexpensive idea from my V-day date cup craft or a night out, time together is important!

snapshot10 550x919 snapshots of real love, until valentines day (part 2)

Day 11:

Words of Affirmation are one of my hubbs high scoring Love Languages….so I keep dry erase markers handy and text often! Show your Love how much you respect and appreciate all they do for you and your family…in OR outside the home (or both!)

snapshot11 550x328 snapshots of real love, until valentines day (part 2)

Day 12:

As parents of young children, it can be difficult to find/make time for alone ‘mommy-daddy’ time. Many years ago we instituted the use of a lava lamp as our “bat-signal”. I’ll leave your imagination to what it means….but just remember that sometimes you have to be intentional—or it just doesn’t happen. icon smile snapshots of real love, until valentines day (part 2)

snapshot12 550x919 snapshots of real love, until valentines day (part 2)























Day 13:

1Corinthians 13:4-13
On Sunday our Pastor challenged us to replace the word “Love” with our name in these verses. Ouch….I’m not always all these things. Love is always in my heart, but sometimes it’s overshadowed and my actions are not patient or kind, they are frustrated and sharp. Look to the Word of God for the ultimate and final definition of LOVE.

snapshot13 550x369 snapshots of real love, until valentines day (part 2)











Tomorrow … the finale!!!