different love movies (in time for valentine’s day)…

Big Valentine smooches to all you love birds out there! We wrote a blog post on the best movies (just the last 30 minutes) in 2010, it’s kinda awesome.

So this year, let’s talk about the best love movies of all times and not given enough credit. Thus sayeth, me. You’ll notice a theme when you read through them.

When in Rome Beside the fact that Kristen Bell is insanely adorable with a smoking body, she gets to kiss on screen Jeff Duhamel. *sigh* This movie is quirky, laugh out loud funny and makes you smile. The premise: you cannot fight fate.

The Proposal Are you surprised? Sandra Bullock is a fabulous actress (good call on dumping her real-life husband) and she co-stars with, Ryan Reynolds. Both have impeccable timing with comedy and when they actually kiss for real, it’s steamy. It’s a perfectly enjoyable love story that is filled with lies and sheer comedy (thank you Betty White for your cameo).

Sweet Home Alabama Reese Witherspoon and John Lucus. A combination that is pure heaven. Southern charm and accents, city slickers from New York, a small town in Alabama and love is everywhere. It physically makes me smile while watching it and tear up with sadness and happiness. Actually own this movie.

Say Anything If you are an 80’d child, then you KNOW this movie. There is something about John Cusack… you know he’s not the hottest man in the room, but he is, just so hot. And sincere. And quirky. The female lead, I could absolutely care less about Ione Skye, sorry, she just wasn’t what you would watch on TV. However there was definitely a spark. And the ending…. with him holding the boombox over his head, playing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel …. epic.

Notting Hill Let’s face it, Julia Roberts will and always be on some “love movie” list. She’s is awesome at this. And humor, which is a good thing. Now English films are quirky, but I like a lot of them. And while I realize Hugh Grant is not attractive. Not. At all. He does have a sort of charisma and self-deprecating charm. The movie plot is interesting (although almost 99% unbelievable) and the characters are interesting…. the sound track is pretty good too.

Letters to Juliet Did not see this one coming on the list, accidentally caught it on cable. Amanda Seyfried is unbelievably gorgeous and witty. Seriously, you can’t stop looking at her and that full head of blond hair. Her love interest is Christopher Egan (didn’t know who he was) but it totally worked. And the sheer plot is genius, all about fate and love … in Italy. For pete’s sake….

Hope Floats Oh hello there, Sandra Bullock. She is a natural as well for love and humor. I must be in love with Southern folks … I love their casualness, realness and let’s face it … boots and cowboy hats are cool. Harry Connick Jr. bats his long eyelashes and shows how a man should treat a woman.

Dan in Real Life Are you surprised? You should be. This is a seriously, eye opening and gut wrenching moving starring funny guy, Steve Carell. He’s a widower (pause for tissues) and falls in love with his brother’s girlfriend, Juliette Binoche. Just rent it … totally worth it. Great cameo by Dane Cook (the brother).

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the special event 2012 recap video

Last week I attended The Special Event, a trade show/conference that is worldwide for event professionals, in beautiful Tampa, Florida. I have to admit, it was nice to wear sandals and see the sun shining!

Not only did I get to speak at one of the training sessions, I was able to attend some of the special events and walk the trade show floor for several days. Look out … I took lots of photos and came up with great ideas for our local weddings.

Now you have to imagine, any type of cocktail party or dinner produced BY event professionals, FOR event professionals is going to be off the hook crazy with decor and the experience. This week did not disappoint.

The best part of this week was reconnecting with industry friends and sharing ideas. Social media has truly bridged a gap that makes people living miles apart, obsolete. It was great to meet up with people who I have been talking with for years, but never actually met in person. Thank you twitter and facebook.

So, true to form, my posse, Kelly McWilliams with Weddings by Socialites and Kelly Spalding with Perfectly Placed (and many others….) documented our epic journey through the week … it’s all here, hope you enjoy!

ps NEW found respect for videographers. All these photos were shot by iPhones so some of them are grainer than others. But this took me all afternoon to edit. It’s all in the editing …. lots of time.

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what irritates me about christmas…

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post:  ten reasons why santa sucks. It merrily went viral throughout the blogosphere.

So today, I’d like to ressurect that blog post for your amusement and add a few more things about what down-right drives me crazy about the Christmas holiday. I write this blog post as my gingerbread cookies are baking in the oven and my beautiful tree is in the corner of my living room (lest you think I’m bah-hum-bug).

  • The craziness of buying presents. I’ll be the first to agree I have fallen for this. The pressure of giving a gift because someone else is giving you a gift. And take a look at all the retail crap that come out in the stores. Loads and loads of useless toys or gifts that make no absolutely no sense, but we grab them up. We’ve lost all sense of what is important.
  • My tree is bigger than your tree. Along the lines of the point above, I find it interesting to watch people’s photos of their trees on Facebook. Just this week I saw one photo taken from a corporate executive’s personal home that was huge and STUFFED full of gifts underneath. Meanwhile, just a few weeks ago, many were fired from said corporate executive’s company, due to downsizing and bad economy. I’m happy this executive will have a full and exciting holiday.
  • Bell ringers. Holy holly balls… seriously. The obnoxious Salvation Army bell ringers should be banned (they are discriminatory if you haven’t heard, towards community civil rights and the hiring of mentally challenged people). One bell ringer outside my favorite locally owned grocery store (take that WalMart), has a ringer that is unbelievable. He rings louder, faster and harder every time you walk by. As soon as I pass him he stops ringing. I may just start boycotting stores that allow the bell ringers. They don’t encourage me to give my extra change, instead I want to donkey kick them.
  • Christmas shoppers are psycho. What physical item could be so important, that another human being would pepper spray another human being in order to buy the item? Apparently that item would be a video game. Not food, because your family is starving. Nope. Half off a $60 video game. Really? REALLY?
  • Retail businesses are starting too early. Black Friday turned into a fiasco this year. It used to be you would get up before dawn and head out to your favorite Big Box stores for some great Christmas deals. It is the starting block for the Christmas buying season. If you knew anything about retail and the concept of “loss leaders” most of you would stay in bed. However this year proved to be, on the Richter scale of craziness, an 11.1. For starters, the stores started opening at midnight. It was a domino effect … one store decided to open super early and the others followed. The poor employees were not able to enjoy their own Thanksgiving with their families in order to open up the stores. It was a shame. So I boycotted them all that day.

Now I don’t want to ruin your holiday, just suggest a small reminder of what is important. Let’s remember what this holiday should be above. Gratefulness, love, compassion, generosity and the excitement of little children. (Take some asprin tomorrow morning, you’ll need it).

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kim kardashian wedding

most famous weddings of 2011 (oh, and the divorces)

We have enjoyed some pretty famous weddings in 2011 and since we talk about weddings and real life here, let’s go through some of the highlights. Oh and the real life, I’ll hit on the divorces as well. Enter: sad face.

Top 2011 Marriages:

1. Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Oh yeah, this was definitely the biggest shin-dig all year long. It also launched me into mini-stardom by having the opportunity to co-host Local 7 morning show for 45 minutes. The most watched wedding in years and one that everyone had an opinion on.

2. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Ugh, we had to add this. Of course it was watched, although I still have yet to catch it. I’m sure it’s being burned in the editing room somewhere. More about this farce of a marriage below in divorces.

3. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert Personally, I had doubt about these two, but after they both took home the gold at the latest CMA show, I think they may be a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Much like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Hope they can keep themselves grounded.

4. Prince Albert and Charlene Whitstock Less popular to many, Prince Albert’s parents were Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III). This was the first royal wedding for this country in a jillion years. Was he named after the prank telephone joke, Prince Albert in a Can?

and now we are off Second Time’s a Charm (marriage number two or more….)

5. Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud Good for Shania. She has always been a favorite of mine, although I wish she had never recorded, “Any Man of Mine”, which happens to be the most popular song wailed by drunk women at karaoke bars. And it is sung extremely poorly, every single time.

6. Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth I just love Reese and have no idea who her husband is. Therefore, it will probably last.

7. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Love this couple. Pretty sure Vanessa knows that Chicken of the Sea is not chicken in a can. Smart and savvy, both of them! And I did see the wedding on TV. Absolutely beautiful, even when they both jumped in the pool with wedding attire on!

8. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Congrats LeAnn, you married a total DB. Good luck with this. Expect to see you both in the Divorce List shortly….

Top 2011 Divorces:

1. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Congratulations you two. You win the most Ridiculous Wedding of the Year award, followed up by the most Ridiculous Divorce of the Year award 72 days later. I wish all the wedding vendors that gave you free stuff would send you a bill.

2. JLo and Marc Anthony Um, the only shocker is that it didn’t happen sooner. Never saw “it” with them.

3. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher They tricked me, thought they may start to have a chance. Oh. And. Dear Nikon: Dump Ashton cause he’s a loser and does nothing for the image of your cute little cameras which have been replaced by my iPhone. Mmm,k?

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Wow. Power couple and after so many years. Arnold probably blames the ‘roids for his infidelities.

5. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson Ok, I didn’t even know they were married. I prefer to always think of Ryan Reynolds as a single, hot man. Just makes me happy.

6. Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner Called it quits after SIXTEEN years of marriage? I did catch Melissa recently on live TV, she has had so much work done to her face, she looks like a 18 year old. Now it makes sense…. Pa Ingall would be disappointed.

7. Tareq Salahi and Michaela Salahi You have to be a Real Housewives fan to know this couple, and this divorce sent me clapping and laughing with glee like a comedian with instant material. I know, I’m horrible. But seriously the weirdest two people that you’ll ever watch on TV. Poor Tareq ran out of money and lies to tell, so Michaela (super loyal) ran away with Neal Schon, a guitarist from Journey. Really?

8. Hulk Hogan and Linda Boella This gets mentioned only because they truly filed in 2009 and JUST NOW finally reached a settlement. Can you spell “bitter divorce”?

source: The Washington Post Lifestyle

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