why wedding boutonnieres can suck …

Boutonnieres aren’t ALWAYS bad. Grandpa’s think it’s kinda special to have one. And some of them can be super cute. They can also be a PITA (pain in the a**). Here’s why:

  • When it is hot, like it is right now in the Midwest, it is VERY difficult for “bouts” to stay fresh the long day of pre-wedding photos, during the wedding, after wedding photos, and into the evening. Roses and orchids can put up with a lot of abuse, but of course with all the wedding blogs, pinterest, and other creative designers creating new looks … most bride’s don’t want roses and feel orchids are too expensive. It’s just physically impossible for a fragile flower to stay fresh and neat on a guy’s jacket, that is not in water!
  • Most guys do not want a flower on their jacket. Don’t believe me? You should hear them all grumble when we pin the bouts on them.
  • Everyone wants to hug the groom. Sometimes, tightly. Guess who gets squished? Yuppers … that poor little flower.
  • It’s the one thing that the bride will see every moment of the day. So if it doesn’t look fresh or it’s not the right color, it upsets her. We don’t like that.

Some obvious alternatives. How about just a handkerchief?

We always ask our grooms how they would like the handkerchief folded. It doesn’t matter how just as long as they are all the same. And those little silky suckers like to fall into the pocket and become messed up throughout the day!

photo credit: jesse daniels photography

I think these two grooms look handsome! Don’t you?

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