dessert table at your wedding

Move over wedding cake, here comes the dessert table.

Nothing says yummy like a Donut Bar … the whole room smelled like one big ball of yeast, sugar and sweet deliciousness.

Our clients, Angie and Travis Wayne were excited about not having a traditional wedding cake at their reception, they love donuts.

We were thrilled with the idea!

If you are up for doing something different like this then be sure to keep these few tips in mind:

  • Remember DISPLAY is where it is at …. this isn’t a picnic. Go for the upscale platters (you can reuse them at Thanksgiving), rent the vintage cake plateaus, go above and beyond.
  • Use SIGNAGE to display what the dessert items are so people don’t get confused. (Hello food allergies)
  • Remember LOGISTICS in planning. Where are you going to store all these pies or the ice cream? How will you keep it cold, warm, etc?
  • Make sure someone is SERVING or a waitstaff is monitoring the table. You wouldn’t want your guests cutting their own slices of pie or scooping ice cream.  This also keeps the guests from “grazing”. Definition: graz·ing/ˈgrāziNG/ – An clueless guest who picks up food off a platter on a catering table and proceeds to eat said food over other untouched and sanitary food. Please escort them from the premises.
  • Make it PERSONAL. Imagine getting a baker to make your deceased grandmother’s special chocolate chip cookie. You could proudly display that AND include recipes to give out to your guests. Unless of course your grandmother’s recipe is top secret.

I’m not done looking at donuts…


Wow. My mouth is watering. Wouldn’t you love to have a Donut Bar? Any other ideas?

photo credit: Chris Berneking the official Wayne Wedding Photographer

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

Watch the Local 7 Wedding Planner Saundra Hadley discuss this subject on TV.

plan on!



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