what wedding traditions should you keep? part one

Weddings are chock full of traditions. And if you’re planning for the first time you will understand what we are talking about. Tradition is awesome, but as you know, we like to shake things up a bit around here and give you some alternatives. Especially when the wedding tradition can cost you money.

This week we are going to be discussing wedding traditions and reviewing them. The level of importance is up to you decide.

#1 Wedding Tradition: Wedding Toasting Flutes

Tradition dictates that you need a special set of champagne flutes. Often these are quite expensive. Many people don’t even like champagne, so the question is, what will you do with them afterward? My Mikasa champagne flutes are collecting dust on top of my kitchen shelf. I like champagne but never get them down to use them. Instead, why not borrow a set of nice toasting flutes from a close friend/family or simply use a set from your venue?

Tomorrow we’ll continue this series…

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