map it out on wedding invitations

We love making maps here at planning..forever events studio. <rolling eyes> Not really, but we do try to help out our clients. So we tests an online DIY map…

Check out,  Wedding Mapper….a cute little online mapping system that you can DIY! We used their help and tweaked it ourselves to make this map…

The only thing I would make sure when using any secondary mapping system; is to double check that it is correct. We found Wedding Mapper to be totally easy to use, once you go the hang of it. Just always, always, double check accuracy. As with anything printed!

For something more custom and interesting, take a look at this map from Lucky Orchid Wedding.
It’s simply precious:

This image is copyrighted 2008 by Laura Hooper

I couldn’t draw my way out of paper bag much less create something that lovely! Great job Laura! Check out her site for more inspirations.

plan on!

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