are you a risk-taker when it comes to your wedding plans?

You have to ask yourself when planning your wedding, “Am I a person that easily takes risks”?

This is an important question to100% honest with your answer because knowing what “type” of person you are will help you make better decisions for your wedding.

Case in point: this weekend we have a wedding at Cambridge Golf Course. The ceremony is going to take place outside at the fountain. It’s going to be beautiful, but if you are reading this on Friday, you know they are calling for rain. The couple is totally cool and laid back with the gamble of having it outside with no tent (the backup plan to move the guests to the reception for the ceremony). Risk-takers!

Take another recent client, Tara Brown and Max Axler. They flew their Rabbi in from Connecticut ON THE DAY OF THEIR WEDDING! So when the Rabbi’s plane got grounded twice and she was stuck in St. Louis (until we sent a car for her), it wasn’t looking too good. Neither one of my darling clients broke a sweat or lost their smiles. Those people are risk-takers. They rolled their “wedding’ dice and it came up great! The Rabbi arrived and amazingly we walked down the aisle on schedule.

If you’ve read these two examples and said to yourself, “There is NO way I could do that”, do not feel bad! It’s smart to acknowledge that about yourself. Now you know you should not be making decisions that take big risks on your wedding day! And it just isn’t worth it!

2 thoughts on “are you a risk-taker when it comes to your wedding plans?”

  1. I got married on a golf course with no tent. The weathermen predicted rain all week — I had a back up, but I had my heart set on getting married under an old Oak Tree. Fortunately, the rain waited until Sunday and everything worked out as planned.

  2. I got married outside in April. The weekend before my wedding, it snowed. I didn’t break a sweat, though. I was confident my day would be spectacular—and it was! Beautiful and warm, perfect for a sunset wedding.

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