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  1. Thanks so much for everything you did. We were happy to have a down to earth wedding planner willing to state her opinion. I wish we could have one every year, it was a blast and like I figured, it was over before I knew it. Thanks again for being so great, and for just being real.

  2. SAUNDRA! Love Love Love the Blog… well maybe because its about me.. but still good work 🙂 We had a BLAST working with you and honestly I dont think I could have enjoyed my wedding day anymore than what I did.. its was PERFECT and not too many brides can say that! I wish I could have one every year but that might be kind of costly dont ya think! HA! anyways- your a great person and I would hope that anyone who is able to use a wedding planner would choose you b/c you stick by your work.. your real… and such a loyal person! Love ya girl.. and I will have to take you up on those drinks SOON! Love ya girl!

  3. I am currently my future sister-in-law’s maid of honor and I have been trying to search for unique ideas to aid in the presentation of the reception hall. Although I never thought of using shades of orange and red, but after looking at the flowers and accessories around the chairs, I’m really warming up to it. I don’t want to copy the layout straight out because every wedding reception should be unique to the couple’s interests and likes, but I need to have a mock up of a few color schemes. Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I’m really glad that your friends Tina and Randy had a wonderful time during their special day. I hope I can only do the bride in my family proud when their wedding happens on April 25, 2009. Have a lovely upcoming weekend.

  4. Dear Tampa, glad you liked the pictures, they are posted to inspire. Orange and Red are in the same color family so variations of those colors make sense to put together. You’ll need an additional accent or anchor color such as; brown or yellow as we used for Tina’s wedding. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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