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We are honored to inform everyone about a new service that we are offering, Celebration of Life Events in Evansville, Indiana, and surrounding areas.

This event is a well-thought-out, planned occasion that allows family and friends to come together to remember a loved one who has passed while honoring their legacy.  Whether it is a small intimate gathering or a larger, formal get-together, your professional event planner will create an atmosphere that will encourage guests to share anecdotes and personal memories. These events are specialized to reflect the deceased’s personality while alleviating the host family’s stress during this fragile time.

“We have discovered that many people wish to have something more than a typical, formal visitation service at a funeral home after they pass on. Whether they are cremated, buried or donate their body to science, their final wish is to have a celebration, where their loved ones can come together and share stories in a special environment that reflects the deceased’s life”, says Saundra Hadley owner of planning…forever events. “A celebration of one’s life is uplifting during a very sad time. We get to know our clients so these events reflect the personality of the loved one; by serving his/her favorite food or drink, decorating with favorite colors, including favorite hobbies, creating a special video or photo presentation that allows people to laugh, cry and remember.”

Much of the above was copied from our Press Release Celebration of Life Event that we sent out to everyone this week.

so let me speak frankly (as you are used to, if you read this blog):

Death is not something anyone wants to talk about, but it is an inevitable and guaranteed fact for all of us. And it is devastating to family and friends to lose someone. When my father passed away un-expectantly in 2009, I was numb. I had to be strong for my mom and take care of all the details. So I understand and empathize.

These events are truly an honor to be a part of and are quite remarkable. Tears and laughter, but most importantly, the loved one is remembered in a personal way. It’s hard to put into words until you have experienced it. It’s rewarding to be able to help the host family keep this memory with them forever.

That is why I decided to launch these services and let people know we are available to help them. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  I know it is definitely something that I want to have happen when it is my time. No sterile funeral home for me.

few questions people have asked:

  1. When should you have a Celebration of Life Event? There really is no time frame. Some people put this request in their will, so it’s obviously easy to take the next step. We have planned events though that have been 4-6 months later. Whatever feels right for you, your family, and friends.
  2. How much does this cost? Like with all our services, they are custom and tailored to the scope of the event. The more time that is required, the more you will invest. However, by hiring a professional to help you plan this, we have ten years of experience and resources to pull everything together efficiently and with great attention.
  3. Can we also have a visitation at the funeral home? These events do not necessarily take the place of a formal visitation (unless that was the wishes of the deceased). Visitations serve a purpose to allow a lot of people to come through to pay their respects and goodbyes. This could still happen and then have a smaller, intimate party of close family and friends.

Like a wedding, we are there to make sure all the details are attended to, troubleshoot any problems that may arise, setup and clean up after the event, and keep the event moving along.

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