how respond to your wedding emcee not following your timeline

Picking your entertainment is CRUCIAL to your event. This is why…

We can plan and strategize your timeline and how you would like the events to unfold, but when someone is on the “mic” it is ultimately up to them on how the events will unfold. As wedding planners, we aren’t going to sprint to the Emcee and tell them (in front of all the guests) that what they just announced is wrong. WE (meaning the couple and wedding planner) are the only ones that know that it is out of order or not appropriate to the timeline that you spent hours thinking about. The guests don’t know, so why draw attention to it?

Wedding planners will work with your entertainment, but they have control of the announcements.

Not that this is a bad thing. It’s how it rolls at weddings. There are many times when we change things up (because of the bride/groom) at the actual reception. Vendors know this and roll with the punches.

My personal biggest pet peeves are times there is silence. “Dead Air” is so noticeable at any event. Professional entertainment will not let this happen.

Just food for thought, as you plan your wedding!

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