good to see everyone at the bridal show

I wouldn’t lie to you, my dear readers…. bridal shows are HARD work. Not to mention a nice little investment.

And as much as I might complain to myself, “Why do you do this?” every Sunday morning before a show, I realize once the doors open.

The excitement oozing from the brides-to-be is simply, is well, contagious. And it is so gratifying to hear the response from the public that they read our blog, have already “friended” us on our Facebook Fan page or love the tips from Fox 7 Wedding Planner segments.

It’s all worth it.

Yesterday’s show was no exception to this rule. As a sponsor for the Contemporary Bridal Expo we were honored to be able to do tablescapes that showed no floral! That’s right. Now we love flowers….but it is fun to think of something different every once in awhile.

Look at what we showcased:

Now remember, we are running a contest to win the fabulous DIY Bride book from Kris Cochren (chock full of plenty of ideas to incorporate into your wedding). All you have to do is be a fan on our Facebook Fan Page and add a comment before Friday, November 12, 2010 by 6pm!

I know, it’s not a million dollars…but it’s a super cool book, and let’s face it, it’s free!

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