what wedding traditions should you keep? part two

We’re talking about a wedding traditions and which ones we should keep or ditch?

#2 Wedding Tradition: Cake Cutting Server Set

This is one of our personal favorite “enigma’s” of weddings. Tradition (meaning wedding stores) will encourage you to purchase a silver knife and cake cutting server set, sometimes inscribed with your name and wedding date. Where does that go after the wedding? You know where. Back in the velvet box stuck inside a cabinet somewhere. There’s no way you break it out to cut a piece of homemade pie on a Wednesday night. Instead, considering borrowing the server set from your parents or use a nice net set that can be easily reused in your daily life.

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1 thought on “what wedding traditions should you keep? part two”

  1. I’m so with ya on this (and the champagne flutes) but unfortunately people like to give them as nice gifts (especially if you don’t have a lot of “expensive” things on your registry). They are, afterall, things that you will keep/hold on to forever so I get that. I plan to make a point of passing ours onto our children some day so maybe they can be a family heirloom of sorts…

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