love your wedding cake designer

We are continuing our special series on “loving your wedding vendor”.

Today we are going to talk about your wedding cake designer.

Works of art, is what the wedding cake is! The most memorable visual item that guests will remember and talk about at the water cooler the next day.

The popularity of over-the-top wedding cake designs can be attributed to Sylvia Weinstock, whose name is synonymous with wedding cakes. Even the hip, cool, reality show Ace of Cakes have helped for average people to understand what it takes to build these creations.

Our clients have differing views towards their wedding cakes. Some client’s priority is for the cake to taste wonderful, others just want to make sure the cake looks fabulous and then there are some who are concerned with both. So you want to be sure you are choosing a wedding cake designer that will caterer to your priority.

Reasons why you should love your wedding cake designer?

  1. Believe it or not, your wedding cake is much more than “just flour and water”, like Steve Martin said inFather of the Bride. You have to appreciate how much
  2. They have more weddings than just yours on any given weekend, but give each wedding their undivided attention.
  3. You have to appreciate the fabulousness of how they get those layers to stack on each other, without tipping over.
  4. They work under high stress; and sometimes limited information (wrong setup times or heavy cake toppers).
  5. They deliver their masterpieces sometimes in difficult weather conditions (intense heat, ice, snow and rain).
  6. After setups, they have to deal with challenges…cakes do lean. Somehow they work their magic and it turns out wonderful!
  7. Like artists, they are challenged to come up with new deigns and ideas; it’s a constant movement forward.
  8. Can you create art with food? They do, and for that….they are cool!

Behind the scenes:

At one of our weddings a cake designer, whom I use quite a bit, was late delivering the cake. We’ve worked together so many times I wasn’t alarmed at first. It wasn’t until about an 1.5 hours before the ceremony (reception was at the same location), I started to get concerned.

Her truck broke down! By the time she got another ride to the reception, the cake icing started to slide (it was a July wedding, HOT HOT HOT). She got the cake setup and then re-iced the entire cake – basically redesigning it. Nobody knew the difference (most importantly our clients) and when we cut the cake we simply cut off the extra icing off on the outside layer. I won’t lie, it was about 2 inches thick.

Bottom line, even though the wedding cake designer faced adversity, she fixed it and the client and guests never knew the difference. For that, you should love your wedding cake designer!

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Next week: love your wedding wait staff and bartenders, florist, videographer and more!

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