you inspire us …

Hello lovely, and congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! 

If we had to guess, you’ve come here today with curiousness regarding wedding planning services and what might be a right fit for you. Whether you are a couple who are already organized planning their wedding or you find that you are having trouble finding the time to invest in all the legwork and keeping the many tasks in check. It’s okay, we totally get that. There are just only so many hours during the day to get everything done.

If you have never planned a complex celebration such as a wedding, you will find the benefit in seeking the advice from a professional. You’ll want to seek a person to engage as a collaborative creative partner, as an advocate; with no biases to your family, and someone who will frankly, give you peace of mind. There are many planning hours involved to create a spectacular event that is reflective of your own story. Let us help you create that storyline while keeping your best interests in mind.

You don’t need a wedding planner, you will want one.

our wedding planning services in three levels:

Total Planning+Design

This service offers everything you need to plan your celebration. Monthly meetings, vetted vendor referrals, scheduling meetings, wedding design, complete budget, custom floor plans, comprehensive online task list in your Virtual Wedding Office, a wedding website and so much more. If you need it, we can provide it. Our modern Wedding Blueprint will be developed that maps out your entire wedding celebration.

Modern Wedding Planning Service

Offering a little less than our full service; this is ideal for couples who have already made many of the wedding arrangements, but now find they need some additional help. Pre-planning hours, design, vendor referrals, a Wedding Blueprint, or more. This service is customized for you, as every client is different, taking into account the number of services you would like to select. We are here to help you cross the finish line. 

Month of Wedding Planning Service

Our introductory service, this is our wedding day management. You’ve planned your wedding, but now you want to be able to enjoy and have someone else implement your wishes. We will meet 6 weeks before your celebration — pull together all your plans, create online task lists, timeline and vendor production schedules and then, direct your wedding day. We’ll be your Wedding Gladiators (did you see the Scandal reference).

the pfe process:

  • one.

    We’ll being our relationship with a Chat Session, preferably in person or we can use Google Hangout/Skype. We want to hear all your dreams and wishes about one of the most important celebrations of your life.  

  • two.

    Based on our previous conversation, we will develop a custom wedding proposal, with options, that fit your needs. 

  • three.

    This is where the fun begins, the planning and processes. We’ll work closely with you so your wedding will reflect your own unique love story and become a treasured memory with a fantastic guest experience.

  • four.

    Wedding day is here! You relax and truly be in the moment of the best day of your life, relishing it with your family and friends. While we work, work, work.

We’ve worked very hard, cultivating vendor relationships in our Tri-State area so that we may refer and work with the right team that fits both your personality and budget.  

Because of our client service approach, we unfortunately have to limit the amount of weddings we do each month. Our services are customized for your wedding and you will receive a detailed proposal outlining your wedding services and your total investment.

planning forever events does not discriminate against any race, sex, or religious beliefs.

To begin the awesomeness, call 812-518-0094 or use our contact form.