what wedding traditions should you keep? part three

Here we go with part three of the series what wedding traditions should you keep?

#3 Wedding Tradition: Garter

Approximately fifty percent of our clients are not throwing the garter or bouquet. However, if you wish to keep this time old tradition, consider purchasing only one garter. Most couples will buy “two”; one to throw and one to keep. So we question, what would you do with the one that you “keep”? Hang it on your rear view mirror on your car? We hope not. Stick it in a box? Probably. Just buy one and toss it to your friends!

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what wedding traditions should you keep? part two

We’re talking about a wedding traditions and which ones we should keep or ditch?

#2 Wedding Tradition: Cake Cutting Server Set

This is one of our personal favorite “enigma’s” of weddings. Tradition (meaning wedding stores) will encourage you to purchase a silver knife and cake cutting server set, sometimes inscribed with your name and wedding date. Where does that go after the wedding? You know where. Back in the velvet box stuck inside a cabinet somewhere. There’s no way you break it out to cut a piece of homemade pie on a Wednesday night. Instead, considering borrowing the server set from your parents or use a nice net set that can be easily reused in your daily life.

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what wedding traditions should you keep? part one

Weddings are chock full of traditions. And if you’re planning for the first time you will understand what we are talking about. Tradition is awesome, but as you know, we like to shake things up a bit around here and give you some alternatives. Especially when the wedding tradition can cost you money.

This week we are going to be discussing wedding traditions and reviewing them. The level importance is up to you decide.

#1 Wedding Tradition: Wedding Toasting Flutes

Tradition dictates that you need a special set of champagne flutes. Often these are quite expensive. Many people don’t even like champagne, so the question is, what will you do with them afterwards? My expensive Mikasa champagne flutes are collecting dust on top of my kitchen shelf. I like champagne but never get them down to use them. Instead, why not borrow a set of nice toasting flutes from a close friend/family or simply use a set from your venue?

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do’s and don’ts for your wedding

Do… create your own identity at your wedding. Choose a style for your wedding that really reflects the two of you as a couple. Even if they are quirky or your mother has NEVER heard of anyone doing that before!

Don’t… buy something just because it has the word “wedding” on the packaging. Perfect example; typical unity candles that are white, with dots and silver hearts. Overpriced and quite often not as attractive as a candle from Pier One.

Do... ask your family and vendors for help, help, help! And let them.

Don’t… be afraid to ask. You never know what could happen…you might just get what you want.

Do… truly enjoy your day and not worry about perfect hair, makeup and not a speck of dirt on your wedding dress. It won’t happen, so party at your reception like your wearing jeans and sneakers!

Don’t… hang out separately from each other for long periods of time at your reception. Work the room as a couple and where you are….that is where your guests will be as well.

Do… go with you gut instincts and decisions; you’ll be happier for it.

Don’t… obsess about creating a wedding that is timeless and never outdated. It will happen no matter how much you try. You’ll still laugh at your choices twenty years from now.

Do… be willing to pay for items or vendors yourself, instead of trying to talk your wedding benefactor to spend the money.

Don’t… treat your vendors like second-class citizens. You need them so work out disagreements or miscommunication.

Do… take advantage of having a photo session with your photographer for an engagement photo. Always a good idea so you both can feel comfortable working with him/her before your wedding day.

Don’t… fall in love with the wedding and not the marriage. Pretty self explanatory.

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wedding traditions unveiled…

We talked on the TV segment today about wedding traditions and where they come from.

Here are few wedding traditions and their origins:

Best man – did you know that this comes from the tradition of a man going to another village to get a wife and he could possibly be met with some physical resistance…so he had to bring someone with him…and that would be the best man for the job. Thus coining the phrase!

Ring finger – Egyptians called it the vena amoris (vein of love) and believed it ran from the finger all the way to the heart.

Tying Shoes on Vehicle– the Romans would seal bargains by trading sandals. In a marriage, the bargain was the transfer of authority and responsibility of the daughter from the father to the new husband. The father would give the husband an old shoe of the bride’s and he would lightly tap her on the head, accepting this new responsibility. Later on, guests would throw their shoes at the bride/groom. So I guess people got sick of having shoes being thrown at them….and then started tying old shoes to the transportation vehicle.

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