Getting in Shape

No bride wants to look flabby or out of shape at their wedding. Heck, none of us want to look flabby and out of shape at any time!

But you can’t wait until the last minute. I highly recommend joining some kind of gym (with a trainer) or women’s facility (have you looked at Body Makeover in Evansville) and map out a plan of attack with realistic goals. Not only will working out help you look better .. but it will also help you out with the stress. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

Now I have to go practice what I preach, and pour myself a glass of H20.

wedding stressing you out?

Why do so many brides get stressed out about their weddings?

I’ve thought a lot about this, trying to figure out if I could pinpoint one main reason and cause. And I think I’ve got it.

All the brides that I have known who are really, really stressed before their wedding are the brides who have decided to do too much on their own or have not hired enough professional vendors.

Think about it. How can a bride be responsible for setting up the reception site, making all the favors, doing the itinerary for rehearsal, running to the tux shop, dealing with family members, overseeing vendor setups and still remaining fresh and rested on their big day? Not possible.

Brides who have hired a coordinator and hired professional vendors that match their personality – make the big decisions for their wedding – then trust the fact that their coordinator will make sure it all happens – relax and enjoy their day. For your own sake – don’t overwork yourself or your family before your wedding.

plan on!

gown bustling

tip on bustling your wedding gown…

Make sure you bring someone with you to the store when you learn how to bustle your gown. Ideally this will be your maid of honor or at least someone who will be available at the reception. Have this person take a really close look at the hooks and threads to ensure that they are sturdy, if they aren’t, ask the store to replace them. You may want to practice yourself when the dress is hanging. You want to be sure this isn’t left to chance….or it can be very frustrating on your wedding day!

feature photo credit: andrew roberson photography

plan on!


Over the weekend, WE channel had a marathon for their Bridezillas show. It previews couples getting married and they follow around the bride and catch her in all her glory of getting upset, cussing her family and being a general….you-know-what.

My son asked me if I have ever had a bride like that acted that way….the answer is HECK NO! Some of  my bride’s think they get a little zilla-ish…but trust me…no bride I have ever worked with has acted like what I saw on TV. I honestly am surprised that some of those fellas walk down the aisle and actually marry these ladies (and in some cases I use that term loosely).

One wedding was $110,000 – and she had no wedding coordinator. I had to laugh as both the bride and groom tried to organize the rehearsal – everyone spread out, tempers flaring. Just goes to show you….

Post Wedding Depression

I was watching the morning news and came upon this subject. It’s now a clinical diagnosis of what some brides seem to go through after the wedding. And you know what? I can see this happening.

Now I don’t know if any of my brides have suffered this – I doubt they are going to actually call me up and let me know how they are feeling. However, upon my experience, I attribute it to several reasons. Wedding planning is hectic and full of details – and it becomes consuming. It’s all you talk about – and every friend or family member brings up the wedding every time they see you. I think sometimes a bride cries before she walks down the aisle only because she needs to release all that energy that has built up to this one moment. And maybe in some cases…the wedding day has become more important than the actual marriage part.

After the wedding day – the let down begins. What do you do with your spare time? It used be carrying around color swatches and tying bows on many small items. I’m not a marriage counselor or a psychologist, but my advice would be to make sure you have a balance on concentrating on both the wedding and marriage aspect (with emphasis on the latter). There is a book that talks about this, and it comes highly recommended by other professionals: “What No One Tells the Bride” by Marg Stark.

I don’t think this book is for everyone. I just encourage that if you feel like you may be all alone with these unusual emotions after your wedding….then please talk to someone or google to find some books to read. Because I guarantee you – you’re not alone.