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We’d like to thank all of the beautiful brides and groovy grooms that submitted their entries to win a wedding day management service. It was difficult to narrow down the top three entries, but we did it. We wish everyone a fabulous wedding day.

Here are the top three entries. It’s now time for YOU, (dear reader, friends and family), to vote. For your convenience, we have put the poll at the top of this page, but we encourage you to read through each story below and see the couples. Remember to spread the word  … you’ll want to copy this link when spreading the news so people can vote easily.

Voting Period: Contest concludes Monday, December 19, 2011 by 12:00am
There is one vote per computer.  So you have to spread the word! This is a FLASH based poll program, so it may not show up on some smart phones.

Here are your finalists:

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photo credit: stewartography

Brittany Gibbs + Jeremy Alexander

Wedding Date: April 28, 2012

Hi everyone! My name is Brittany Gibbs and I am going to marry the man I love, Jeremy Alexander, next April. We met almost 4 ½ years ago. I was a server at Buffalo Wild Wings when he and his buddies came in and were seated in my section. It was my third day on the job and I was awful! Luckily, they were nice. His friends bugged the two of us to death about how we should exchange phone numbers. Eventually, I gave in…..and I’m so glad I did! We were engaged on January 7, 2011 with over a year to plan the wedding. We are getting married in beautiful New Harmony and plan on a small, intimate wedding.

I have been so excited planning the wedding; event planning has always seemed like so much fun and so glamorous! But it has not been exactly what I thought it would be like. Jeremy and I are paying for the wedding and being fairly recent college graduates; you can imagine how difficult budgeting has been. Unfortunately, we are not been able to have family to help us, either financially or with the planning details. We really would appreciate the assistance from a wedding planner to help us solidify our ideas and of course, trust with our special day. We’ve never done this before or have a lot of experience. Since we are fairly new to Evansville, we would really appreciate your vote.

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photo credit: jeffrey boyd

Katelyn Clevidence + Andrew Crowe

Wedding Date: July 29, 2012

Once upon a time there lived a princess who fell in love… with her dad.  Sounds strange, but at three years old I fell in love with my daddy.  Every night my dad would read to me the story of Cinderella.  My dad was a firefighter and would spend three days at the station at a time, on those nights he would call and tell me the story of my favorite princess over the phone.

Now, Cinderella is marrying her Prince, Andrew Phillip Crowe.  Andrew is the Prince my daddy prayed about for the past twenty-one years! In 2009, it was at the first night of a freshmen bible study on campus when our eyes met.  As an icebreaker everyone was paired off randomly to play a game, ironically called “Meet Your New Best Friend”.  As you probably guessed… Andrew and I were paired up to be each other’s ‘new best friends’, as corny as it sounds, it apparently worked because from the moment we began asking each other questions and revealing our hearts to each other piece by piece something amazing happened… Cinderella fell in love.  Our friendship grew rapidly over the next couple weeks because we knew that God was at work in our hearts for something HUGE.  Our entire relationship has been entirely grounded on God.

Our wedding is going to be fun and youthful, just like our love. Our life will begin together in New Harmony and more than anything we would like a day of coordinator to take the load off of our parents.  Our parents and especially my daddy have been looking forward to this day from the moment they first held us.  We want our gift for them to be this… that they can sit back, relax and watch Cinderella marry her Prince Charming.

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photo credit: alex morgan

Cathy Gilbert + Marcus Chandler

Wedding Date: October 6, 2012

Hello! I am Cathy Gilbert and I will be marrying Marcus Chandler my high school sweetheart next October.  We have been together for 13 years and have a 12 year old son together. I think we met by chance.   The chance that Marcus had enough guts to invite me swimming on one hot summer day.  I had been eying this cute boy since we had moved to Princeton.  Of course I couldn’t talk to him.  He was HOT!  So to my surprise on day a few weeks before school started there was a knock on my door.  I open the door and there he stood!!!  Marcus invited me swimming that evening.  I went in and begged my parents to let me go.  (This was my shot)  They said YES.  The rest is history.  Who knew we would be where we are today.

We were engaged this past July and to my surprise Marcus and our son Blake sure are good at keeping a secret.  The pair of them went shopping and picked the ring.  He snuck the ring all the way to Florida on vacation with us.  Where he took me out on the beach for a moon lit walk and proposal.  It is a day I will never forget.  We are planning to be married on the overlook deck above the African Safari at the Mesker Park Zoo. We are so looking forward to a unique wedding.  Now that I have started planning I realize there is so many details.  I feel that our relationship is very special and I want our day to be just as special.  We still have to choose a vendors, make invites, and about a million other things.   It would be so amazing to have the help of pros to make sure our day is special and goes smoothly.

So that’s it friends! Three amazing weddings, all unique. Who are you going to vote for? The winner is up to YOU!



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50 replies
  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I voted (looks like my choice is the underdog though). I have to say the couple that wins will be super lucky. Saundra is awesome and saved my life so to speak when it came to wedding planning.

  2. Lonna Day
    Lonna Day says:

    I vote for Katelyn and Andrew. Because, I have been blessed to have her as my niece, and watch this Princess grow not only physically but also spiritually.

  3. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    I vote for Brittany and Jeremy! Brittany is beautiful both inside and out and she deserves the wedding of her dreams :o)

  4. Brent
    Brent says:

    I vote for Brittany and Jeremy. They are a fun loving couple, which you can tell by their photo. They each pay their own way, without the help of anyone else, and sure could use this to help them out financially.

  5. Angee
    Angee says:

    For your sake, Saundra, I went into this already preferring the April wedding because it’s off-peak. LOL BUT, Katelyn stole my heart (and won my vote) because her heart seems to be for their PARENTS. I think it’s rare for a couple to really think about their parents’ enjoyment of the day. Bravo! My biggest regret from my own wedding is not having a professional to handle the details of the day. My bridesmaids and my mom were working their tail off and did NOT get to enjoy the day…and I spent all my getting ready time ALONE because of it, which was a bummer for me too. I hope Katelyn & Andrew’s parents win you, Saundra…I can’t think of a better gift of love for them.

    • Tracy
      Tracy says:

      What about the couple that is not only planning but paying for the wedding themself? It is nice that Katelyn wants to take the stress off her parents- but i would be more concerned with taking all that stress off the bride. I cannot imagine having to do everything myself; I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a minute of it.

  6. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    Yes Saundra, you hold the key to making their fairy-tale wedding dreams come true. I vote for Cinderella and her Prince Charming. May her day be as MAJICAL as she has always dreamed of. May they live happily ever after!

  7. Kristin Griffin
    Kristin Griffin says:

    I most definitely vote for Katelyn and Andrew! Katie babysat this summer for my daughter, Emily and she is one of the sweetest princesses I know! Good luck Katelyn and Andrew 🙂

  8. Not Frank
    Not Frank says:

    I’m voting for Brittany & Jeremy. They’re a happy couple that are paying for the whole wedding themselves! A little assistance is always nice & they sound like really nice people!

  9. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Andrew and Katie deserve this so much!! They are full time students in college, and will be for another year after they get married… They are extremely involved on campus, in their church and in the city They both have several jobs. They give everything of themselves to others! And they’re planning a wedding… I don’t know how they do it!

  10. Brookie
    Brookie says:

    I know that this would mean the world for Brittany and Jeremy since they each live hours away from their families and have had to do all the wedding planning themselves.

  11. You've been hacked
    You've been hacked says:

    Oh come on! Nearly 2,700 votes in just a little over 24 hours??? Last night at bedtime the first two couples were basically tied, and tonight at dinner time there is a 14% difference!? Looks to me like someone found a way to hack this site!

    • saundra, event engineer
      saundra, event engineer says:

      Thank you for your concern “You’ve been hacked”. This has already been brought to our attention this afternoon. We found it odd as well and looked into it more carefully.

      I assure you, this website has NOT been hacked, instead some savvy computer users have figured out a way to do a work around and create multiple votes from one computer.

      The contest clearly states: One vote per computer (or an IP address). This application we are using for the voting tracks EVERY SINGLE VOTE down to the hour/minute/second and specific IP address. From the back end, it is incredibly clear when this happened and on which date and time.

      I have personally spent two hours this afternoon downloading over 103 pages and over 5,000 votes into a spreadsheet. The invalid multiple voting have been subtracted from the overall total for the winner, second place and third place.

      This was going to be addressed next week after the voting to let everyone know.

      If you are a user that is voting correctly, your vote will still count, as long as it is valid. As with all internet applications, there are very savvy users out there than can create work arounds. This is not the spirit of which this contest was intended. We wanted to give back to the community and generate a little buzz for our little event planning business.

      At this point this is the most fair way to select a winner and all of the contestants have been notified.

      We are sad that people felt the need to do this, it would have been so much simpler to just vote for your favorite couple, ONCE on ONE computer. But people will look for ways to get an edge. It’s the way life is.


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