a wedding planner’s review of grammy’s “same love” performance

Two blogs posts in one day, is it in the end of the world? Ha, not really just wanted to get a few thoughts down after reading and watching so many tweets, blog posts and interviews about “one of the best and most powerful performances ever” (said Jeff Probst @JeffProbst) on last night’s 2014 Grammy Awards.

It was the Same Love song performed by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, which is an AWESOME song. Rap, singing, great message … three good combinations. During this performance, 33 couples were married, and the officiant was none other than, Queen Latifah. Let’s not forget Madonna who showed up at the end to sing a portion of her “Open Your Heart to Me”.

Take 7 minutes and watch it …

I congratulate all of the couples, same and opposite sex couples on getting married. And I don’t want to down play that all, but I have a few thoughts about last night’s performance.

My personal recap and suggestions:

1. I think the Grammy’s had a real opportunity to take a moment to reflect the true emotion that this song evokes and with all those couples, who are in love, take their vows in front of millions of viewers. So why have them standing in the aisle way? I know logistically it’s an easier in/out situation. And from everything I read, the people that were in the audience (well near the aisle) were truly moved.

I would of loved to see perhaps a little less of close up of Macklemore (sorry Mac Mac) and have the couples on the stage! That stage can hold 33 couples, staggered in a formation. This was an opportunity to gift to the real couples, a little less Mac Mac and more love.

2. The vows were, um, strange. But I’ll cut some slack on that because they don’t have a lot of time and Queen Latifah is just cool. Question: When did she become ordained to marry people?

3. A moment of pause, regarding Madonna. Why did she come in looking like she stole the costume from Big Daddy in Django Unchained? It was Grammy tasteful, but not wedding tasteful.

Again, I’m sure the couples are extremely happy to be married and have a marriage license signed by the Queen (how cool is that?). And more importantly, for many of the couples to have the right to marry. This is just one wedding planner’s opinion on how it could of been, a little, better.

A little less about the stars and a little more about the couples.

Your thoughts?

ps Props to our friend Jacque Riehl with Riehl Events who is actually planning a reception for one of the couples who was married last night.

featured photo credit: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

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