a wedding rewind…

I have the smartest and creative friends.

Just take a look at my friend, Monica Richard (owner/event planner of Mon Amie Events in Indianapolis, Indiana), planned when they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary with her husband. Seriously wish I had thought of this when I celebrated our 20th anniversary a few years ago.

It was a “wedding rewind” (her coined-term). Not a vow renewal, but instead revisiting her wedding and sharing it with their children and parents. Brilliant.

take a moment and watch their video:

Monica & Paul’s 15th Anniversary – 4.17.14 from IndyVisual on Vimeo.

featured photo credit: pfe iphone

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a wedding planner’s review of grammy’s “same love” performance

Two blogs posts in one day, is it in the end of the world? Ha, not really just wanted to get a few thoughts down after reading and watching so many tweets, blog posts and interviews about “one of the best and most powerful performances ever” (said Jeff Probst @JeffProbst) on last night’s 2014 Grammy Awards.

It was the Same Love song performed by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, which is an AWESOME song. Rap, singing, great message … three good combinations. During this performance, 33 couples were married, and the officiant was none other than, Queen Latifah. Let’s not forget Madonna who showed up at the end to sing a portion of her “Open Your Heart to Me”.

Take 7 minutes and watch it …

I congratulate all of the couples, same and opposite sex couples on getting married. And I don’t want to down play that all, but I have a few thoughts about last night’s performance.

My personal recap and suggestions:

1. I think the Grammy’s had a real opportunity to take a moment to reflect the true emotion that this song evokes and with all those couples, who are in love, take their vows in front of millions of viewers. So why have them standing in the aisle way? I know logistically it’s an easier in/out situation. And from everything I read, the people that were in the audience (well near the aisle) were truly moved.

I would of loved to see perhaps a little less of close up of Macklemore (sorry Mac Mac) and have the couples on the stage! That stage can hold 33 couples, staggered in a formation. This was an opportunity to gift to the real couples, a little less Mac Mac and more love.

2. The vows were, um, strange. But I’ll cut some slack on that because they don’t have a lot of time and Queen Latifah is just cool. Question: When did she become ordained to marry people?

3. A moment of pause, regarding Madonna. Why did she come in looking like she stole the costume from Big Daddy in Django Unchained? It was Grammy tasteful, but not wedding tasteful.

Again, I’m sure the couples are extremely happy to be married and have a marriage license signed by the Queen (how cool is that?). And more importantly, for many of the couples to have the right to marry. This is just one wedding planner’s opinion on how it could of been, a little, better.

A little less about the stars and a little more about the couples.

Your thoughts?

ps Props to our friend Jacque Riehl with Riehl Events who is actually planning a reception for one of the couples who was married last night.

featured photo credit: Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

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keep warm at your winter wedding

Preparing for the cold front and ice moving in this weekend, reminded us of this sweet, 2011 winter wedding we coordinated.

Aren’t they just the cutest? Ryan and Erika Creswell are expecting their second child soon!

winter wedding keep warm at your winter wedding

featured image and photo credit: sprazzo studio

See their cute blanket they brought to take photos with? This is now in their home. So if you are planning a winter wedding, be sure to buy something warm and comfy that will match your home decor (don’t worry about it matching your wedding colors). Imagine snuggling on the couch with your honey and remembering your wedding? We love!

Stay warm Tri-State! xo



tossing birdseed at your wedding

The tradition started in Roman times, where wheat was thrown on the couple after the nuptials as a symbol of fertility.

Once wheat became too expensive, rice was used instead … and the tradition stuck.

Then enters the Urban Legend that rice will cause a bird’s stomach to blow up. Apparently you need to visit some rice farms, because birds EAT rice! They eat almost anything.

So guests switched to birdseed. Friendly to the environment! But NOT friendly to the bride and groom.

Have you ever been pelted by tiny little hard pebbles? That’s what rice or birdseed feels like. It hurts. And these itty, bitty, little hard particles of fun, get stuck EVERYWHERE. Down your strapless dress, in your expensive coiffed hair, your veil … you get the picture.

Don’t forget the aftermath on the ground after the tossing is all done. What do you think could happen with a bunch of birdseed on a smooth surface and then grandma walks across on it wearing her slick dress shoes? That’s right! Slip and fall!

So when I talked with Laura Kirtley today on Local 7 Lifestyles on the recap of her beautiful wedding that took place on November 16, 2013 … she told me the guests tossed birdseed for the wedding exit out of the church. She admitted that she remembered me mentioning not to do this in a previous wedding planning segment.

She said it was painful. There was birdseed stuck under her dress on her stomach that she didn’t find until later that night when taking off her dress. She couldn’t smile because she said she had birdseed stuck in her teeth and mouth.

Bless her heart.

birdseed toss wedding tossing birdseed at your wedding

birdseed toss wedding painful tossing birdseed at your wedding

image credit: anonymous guest at wedding

So please, if you aren’t going to listen to a seasoned wedding planner, then listen to this real bride. There are many other options to consider for your ceremony send-off:

  1. Rose Petals (real only)
  2. Feathers
  3. Wands with colorful ribbon
  4. Sparklers
  5. Bubbles (not the hugest fan because the pavement can become slick)
  6. Biodegradable Confetti (large size)
  7. Pom-Poms
  8. Custom Flags
  9. Choir Singing Escort
  10. Kazoos (see our real bride above)

… and more! What did we leave out? And thank you Laura for sharing your story and photos … you’re a great sport and you were a lovely bride.

featured image: photorexit

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UPDATE: It’s gets better … you can see her sneak peek video of her wedding … the part of when they come out of the church is in the beginning.


the recap of Adriana and Frederick from The Real Housewives of Miami

If you follow my twitter account you know I’m a huge Real Housewives fan. I watch just about all of them. It’s my vice, although sometimes it leaves me shaking my head and muttering “What the ….. ?”

As you can imagine, I really get into the shows when they have a wedding. I want to see the gorgeousness of the decor, the dresses and the styles.

The wedding for Real Housewives of Miami with Adriana and Frederick was nothing short of entertaining and eye twitching. However, it actually is just a vow renewal/wedding since they were originally married at the courthouse in 2008. Someone needed some attention on Bravo.

She invited a very small guest list. Required all the guests to wear white to the wedding (ok, I actually think that’s cool) which was to take place at 6pm and then the guests were required to change their attire to a Great Gatsby theme attire for the reception/dinner. NO EXCEPTIONS, says the Brazilian Bridezilla Adriana.

So here’s my take on the pluses and the minuses from this crazy day:

adriana wedding rhom 3 the recap of Adriana and Frederick from The Real Housewives of Miami

photo credit: reality tea

The Good:

  • Her dress was stunning. Loved the fact she didn’t wear white.
  • Her church and venue choice was beautiful.
  • Loved the flowers she held and the bridesmaids bouquets of Phalaenopsis orchids.
  • Props to trying to do something different for a theme wedding
  • She had her son escort her down the aisle, totally touching and appropriate.
  • She hired a planner, not that Bravo showed him more than once. Another dig from Reality TV to diss a planner and make them look like they are not doing their job.

adriana wedding rhom 4 the recap of Adriana and Frederick from The Real Housewives of Miami

photo credit: reality tea

The Bad: 

  • While I loved her wedding dress, can we say HOLY TULLE at the train?
  • She sent out Evites as her wedding invitations. I guess that tulle cost a lot.
  • While it was super cool idea for guests to wear white and change for the Great Gatsby reception, most of them did not have a place to change. Some guests were changing in the parking lot which is not only tacky, it also could lead into a police ticket for indecent exposure.
  • She was beyond tardy. Didn’t even show up to the hotel to get dressed until after 3pm and took her own sweet time (ceremony started at 6pm). Guests waited and waited … the minister about blew up and was going to leave.
  • After the wedding, she went back to the hotel to change. Apparently Brazilians don’t know how to get ready quickly. 1 hour and 55 minutes later, she entered her reception. I bet the guests that changed in 10 minutes in the parking lot were totally ticked off. No food but it looks like they had drinks. Unless you think this is not something that necessarily happens at weddings, I’ve heard photographers take 2 hours after a ceremony to take photos of the wedding party. That is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. And rude to your guests. Eating dinner at 10:55pm. I’m sure the caterer was piiiiiiissed. The food integrity becomes compromised at that point.

At the end of the day they were married, er, had their formal ceremony. I hope they still have friends after a day like this. Congratulations to you both.

plan on!



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