deadlines are a good thing…

Ever have one of those projects that you think about getting done, but there is always something else to do? Like planning events, weddings, traveling across the country speaking at conferences, family time, watching Bravo network … you get the drift.

Well I finally got a project done that has been on my list for over a year, because of a deadline!

Last week we repainted and spruced up the PFE studio!

We meet our clients at their homes, offices, venues or at other convenient locations that serve yummy food and drinks. This is a “working” studio. So sometimes it’s super clean and most of the time there is a little creative mess. That’s okay it all sparks imagination. The real solid work comes from an original, kitchen wood table that I use as my desk. My son learned to eat on this table. I just couldn’t get rid of it. Sure Ikea would be awesome in this area, but I’m a firm believer of reusing and repurposing furniture, mixing old with the new. Note: if you want some inspiration in this area, check out my latest design blog crush , she is nine kinds of awesome.

So here are the photos. My desk is exactly how I left it at 9pm last night. We did not stage this photo (like so many you see on the internet), however I will agree it is a lot cleaner than it will be in about 30 days!!! HA!

My three favorite things about this studio are:

  • The super, duper, cool magenta purple walls which happens to be my favorite color
  • The NINE windows that let stellar light in
  • A tile floor

So what do you think? Would love to hear your feedback. I know that a lot of our clients often ask me what my office must look l like. So here you go, after nine years I’m finally showing you!

plan on!



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dressing up your wedding aisle

An economical way of dressing up your ceremony is to place close attention to the details of your aisle runner. It’s the easiest way to transform the church or ceremony site into something that looks like a “wedding”.

Now the impulse might be to run out to the local store that has allocated one aisle to the theme of  “weddings” and purchase a rolled up, aisle runner that is around $20. It’s made of paper, kind of like interfacing. One step on it with girls heels and it rips. It also looks like it’s worth about a buck twenty. STOP. Resist the urge to buy any paper product to walk float down the aisle to your groom.

new ideas for wedding aisle runners

Above are a few alternatives to your typical aisle runner. The first photo was a wedding we coordinated outside, the most challenging situation to have an aisle runner. Instead the designer laid down white dance floor. It was spectacular looking fabulous as well  as comfortable for the girls in heels. Cloth aisle runners have a hard time staying on grass, that’s why you see so many outdoor weddings with flower petals as the aisle runner. Just be sure to have your planner put the roses petals down just before  you walk through, wind tends to blow them away.

The second photos is an aisle runner made of white carpet! Such an interesting twist and we like to use this technique in venues that might have hardwood floors, so when the girls walk down they don’t sound like a herd of elephants.

The last photo is the an aisle runner at one of our weddings, Jenny + Adam. We didn’t do too much decor at the church, instead concentrated on the aisle. As always, we used cloth!

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

plan on!




your wedding venue, a blank canvas; finale

The finale on how we took a 4H center and transformed it into one of the most romantic wedding receptions, of ever! I can tell you the guests were BLOWN away and mouths dropped when they entered the room (if we only had pictures of that).

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

Remember the stage? A fantastic focal point for the cake, and it turned out better than we could of imagined. Natalie wanted a traditional head table so we put her wedding party on the floor in front of the beautiful cake display. Notice the two tall floral trees on either side!

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

This photo was taken from the stage looking out towards the guest tables. If you look on the far back wall, that is where we placed the food stations. To cover the roll up door and wall, we draped and uplighted the sheer white fabric. It’s an exact mirror of the draping on the stage!

4h center posey county planning forever events decor


Drape can be cost prohibitive, especially a room this size. So instead we used strategic LED smart lighting around the room. The uplights were beautiful and didn’t draw attention to the sterile walls, instead softly enhancing the overall look. Remember the tulle and twinkle lights? Well now with all of the other modern lightening effects, it doesn’t look so outdated!

The next three photos were taken by Equinox Wedding Photography.

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

I ask you, do you think you’re in a community center?

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

What total awesomeness of the staged wedding cake and the custom gobo light on the “dance floor”. Custom gobos are really easy to have made and add so much to your event!

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

The happy couple, Roddy + Natalie.

What can we say? We started setting up on Thursday for this event and broke down on Sunday. It was a long process but so worth it. It turned out to be one the most memorable weddings in 2008. It was an added bonus that Natalie and Tonya were so awesome to work with, and fun!

Hope you enjoyed the transformation, let us know if you are having to work with a challenging space!



your wedding venue, a blank canvas; part two

Okay, we’re back at the large, open venue that is somewhat intimidating to brides on where they should start with decor. Yeaaah, not us.

We decided to create high and tall centerpieces. Because the roof is SO HIGH, we did go a bit crazy with the height.


Notice the colors are from her mood board, using chocolate brown as the base color. The linens are a very soft peach. We pick up the other coral colors and pinks in the fresh floral centerpieces. The large centerpieces you see are actually still on the floor, they will be moved to the VIP (large square) tables in the center of the room. To keep costs low, we used the metal chairs, but covered them.

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

Ah, remember the stage? What a perfect backdrop to put the world’s most expensive cake you’ll ever invest in – your wedding cake! Strategic pin spots were placed and uplights behind the fabric to highlight the cake. We’re still creating though….

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

Natalie fell in love with the ideas of “trees” with floral in the reception area. We created our own tree that was based into an urn, and had floral on top. These flanked the head table.

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

Close up of the custom floral trees. They were approximately 20-25 feet tall. Hint: this is where you can save a few bucks by adding real greenery and faux flowers. These were real.

4h center posey county planning forever events decor

Intern Aubree doing QC (quality control) on the wedding day. We folded every single napkin so visually it would look like charger plates. It takes a team of people to do something this grand and creative and we are so lucky to have Sally, Angie, Mike and more on board with us!

More to come, because you are just seeing this venue with all the lights up! You can still see the tulle with twinkle lights (we didn’t add that, it’s always there) and the sterile walls. I won’t lie, the bride was still worried about it the Friday before the wedding, but I told her to trust us.

Come back tomorrow to see the completed project…with the lights low and romantic! Think strategic uplighting and a custom gobo light on the dance floor!

photo credit: pfe iPhone

plan on!