unique bachelorette party …

Last summer I had the opportunity to participate in one of the coolest Bachelorette parties I’ve ever attended and I had nothing to do with the planning. In fact, I didn’t even know the bride. But when you have friends on the Ohio River … everyone is invited for a little fun.

bachelorette party on the river

The bride: Tami Klueh (now Beach) knew that she wanted to have a fun, river, bachelorette party with her girlfriends. But she was surprised when they picked her up at the dock with a real wedding dress for her to wear! And all of the girls who attended, wore a bridesmaid dress over their swimsuits in honor of Tami’s upcoming wedding. I even got to wear one!

Parked on of the islands off of French Island Marina, you can imagine how all the girls dressed in formals stood out amongst the boaters and swimsuits. And it was so great for Tami, strangers and friends congratulating her. Jello shots, drinking games, dancing, trashing the dress, swag bags, rope swing, grilling, an awesome house boat and lots of laughter … it was a great day!


bachelorette-party-2 bachelorette-party-1 bachelorette-party

Great job at the planning: Nancy Daniels, Audrey Taber, Angie Glassford, Beth Farrand, Jessica Biggs, Brianna Beard, Buffy Crowley, Melissa Roe (and her Roe Boat) …. and anyone else I missed (like I said, I was just a guest).

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So have you had a different kind of bachelorette party with a theme?

party on!


when life hands you lemons …

… squeeze ’em, add some vodka and voila! Wait. that’s not right.

You’ve heard the saying …


When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.


Check out these two wedding, real-life stories of people in adversity rose above and helped out others or family members.

lemonade case study number one:

When the Fowler family’s daughter’s wedding was called off 40 days before the big day, they were faced with an decision. Lose all the money, deposits they have made towards the catering and venue, or make some lemonade.

They contacted a local charity, Hosea Feed the Hungry and had a catered party for anyone who could attend. The focus was off the daughter and she was able to do something constructive in her sadness. Now they are trying to plan a second and even larger event next year. Kinda cool, huh?


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lemonade case study number two:

A mother with three daughters, who are all engaged, and is dying of lung cancer. The three daughters collaborate together to move up their dates and have a triple wedding so their mother can see them. Very generous to share your day and spotlight with your sisters for your mom. Update: Mom died 12 hours after the wedding. Sad, but I bet she was so happy.


photo credit: jodie mankus via facebook
featured photo credit: jordan barclay

Do you have any cool stories to share?

plan on! 


diy and pinterest brides … caution!

Listen up you lovely DIY Pinterest loving brides! Please listen to this. Not everything you see on Pinterest is good (although we do enjoy that website, you can follow me here).

For instance, the Gold Glitter Mason Jar.

If you have ever worked with glitter, you know it is not the most friendly type of crafting. In fact, it’s quite unforgivable. Once you open that glitter jar, you are pretty much committed to having specks of glitter in your house, on your body, on your face, on the floor … for a very long time.


photo credit: somewhere on etsy, the page went down

I love me some DIY, really I do. We do a lot of it (check out our feature photo of custom banner we made for one of our brides). However, we just want you to proceed with caution when you are thinking about making your own decor for your wedding. In other words, learn from our experience and mistakes.

For instance, we had a wedding that was a Winter Wonderland. It was gorgeous. We used over 700 votive candles. You read that correctly. Eight people and 15 minutes we had them lit for the reception, but I digress.

We purchased faux snow flakes to put on the tables. A mound of snow flakes, votives on top and then branches (the bride and groom raided their acreage for real branches … hey this was back in 2005). White on white with lots of luminous candle light.


photo credit: todd pellowe photography

The problem was those beautiful snowflakes became pesky intruders on the guest tables. They grew legs and morphed their way into people’s plates, on the floor, on your fancy dress, men’s slacks, etc. You would think this wouldn’t happen, but it did. You can barely see the snow, you have to look really closely.

moral of the story?

While everything can look easy to create and beautiful, it can be hard to replicate and end up being a colossal mess at your event. So think twice. Try it out way in advance (not in bulk) so you can edit. Because not EVERYTHING on Pinterest should be replicated.

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plan on!


should i hire a makeup artist for my wedding?

We are incredibly picky on having guest bloggers and only allow people who have the same business philosophy that we do and that we know (whether on social media or in-real-life). I’m proud to present Kana Brown (whom I know from both mediums). That’s her pretty face above.

We refer her to our brides who want a professional makeup artist have them look spectacular on their wedding day. She enhances the beauty of our brides that lasts the whole long wedding day. Please take a moment to read her thoughts on wedding makeup.

Guest Blogger:

Kana Brown, Licensed Esthetician, Avon Color Ambassador for the Central Region, 2013-2014, twitter: @According2Kana

As a makeup artist you may think I am a bit biased on this subject, but honestly I am not your typical painted faced, product hoarding obsessed makeup junkie. I truly believe that makeup, such as clothing, is not and should not be something that defines a person. It should simply be used for enhancement and expression. With that being said let’s dispel some of your worries on hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day.

I am worried I won’t look like myself…

Like I mentioned before, I think makeup is an enhancement which means it should be used to bring forth your best features not completely construct a new face. We are NOT trying to send the “Hubby to Be” running in the opposite direction.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup though…

Cool, neither do I. For your wedding day though, not saying you need a ton, but you will need more. This will be one of the most photographed days of your life. Cameras can wash you completely out if you are wearing very minimal makeup. I use literally the best HD foundation, it is super lightweight with beautiful coverage. You won’t even realize you’re wearing it!

I don’t know if it is worth the money…

It is your wedding day. You’re wearing an expensive dress, shoes and the center of attention. I can’t tell you what you should put WORTH to. For me, anything that makes my life more efficient, less stressful and makes me happy is WORTH a lot. Hiring a professional for important things like your wedding day will definitely achieve all three of those things.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Sure. BUT…this is one of the MOST PHOTOGRAPHED DAYS OF YOUR LIFE. Why not put yourself in the hands of someone who has been trained to make your eyes pop and your skin glow? There are certain things that I have been taught that you probably haven’t even thought of. For instance, the  “mineral makeup” that is super popular, looks terrible in pictures. I know ways to make your makeup stay put all night long. Take the mystery out of figuring out these things by hiring a professional who already knows how to bring you to your ultimate Blushing Bride potential! kanabrown1

photo credit: elysia at signature art & photography

I provide consultations. This is a time for us to go over what look you want to achieve. It’s your day and I want to help you radiate all that love you have inside! For more information on booking a consultation or if you have a question, please look me up at .

featured photo credit: alisha sims photography

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