need a gown or show-stopping cocktail dress?

I am not a fashionista. I used to be. Seriously, I have spent more money on clothes, shoes and handbags that I care to admit. But over time, my priorities became clearly different – choosing quality over quantity and stream lining my closet.

However, in my industry, there are times where I need to have a gown or an awesome cocktail dress. I go shopping and can’t find a thing!

Do you feel the same? Do you have a fantastic non-profit ball to attend and want to feel glamorous without spending all that money?

Brides … do you have a lot of parties to attend in your honor and want to look fabulous?

Bridesmaids – is it a small wedding and you can choose your own dress?

Hello … Rent the Runway

Now I know this isn’t ground breaking news, but just in case that you don’t know about it. This awesome site that works with you and lets you have the designer gowns for rent, at an affordable price.

Don’t forget accessories, proms, work clothes and more!

And for you sweet teens, you can try: Charlottes Closet

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plan on!

8 thoughts on “need a gown or show-stopping cocktail dress?”

  1. Weddings are exciting, and everything needs to be perfect…from the venue to the catering to the way you look. That means the gowns need to be absolutely fabulous. But you’re unlikely to wear it again. So, renting it a great idea.

  2. Yes I agree with @dominic jones, for everyone weddings are exciting and they want to do everything. Even they purchase many things which can not use again in future. So, renting is the best idea.

  3. I dread having to find dresses for an occasion. I too rent dresses as I find that it is more economical and I then don’t have to traipse around stores until I find a dress i fall in love with to justify buying it!

  4. Weddings are energizing, and everything should be flawless from the scene to the taking into account the way you look. That implies the outfits should be completely remarkable.

  5. This is great! Its so lucky that there are so many things nowadays you can rent for your event, wedding, or party, and not have to spend the money purchasing something you may not use again. Renting is often the way to go. And for gowns like this, renting a new one keeps your wardrobe and style fresh! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Depending on the theme and dress style the opportunities are endless 🙂
    Dress up a simple but elegant dress with elaborate accessories, stunning headpieces, and shoes. Actually, what about getting a fashion advice when bridesmaids go dress shopping?

  7. For me, I love the v-neckline gowns that feature the design of a sharper neck in the middle of the bust. I love v-necks because it can be modest and traditional.

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