top 10 offenses by wedding guests

This morning I was interviewed by Atom Smasher and Liberty on the 96 STO Atom Smasher Show. We’ve known each other for years and it’s always fun to talk to him.

They were highlighting the worst offenses by wedding guests and asked me my opinion. Of course it was a quick interview, so I thought I’d share more of my thoughts here. Here we go!

1. Bring a +1 guest when only YOU were invited.

2. Ask to bring your kids when you know it’s an adult reception only. Or bring them, that’s worse.

3. Leave your drugs at home. Yup, we’ve smelled the pot burning outside.

4. Talk about your wedding and how it was or going to be sooo much better than this one.

5. Bring up past girlfriends or boyfriends of the bride and groom. Or invite one of them as your +1 … #awkward

6. Do no hit the dessert table until it is time to have desserts.

7. Asking to be INVITED to the wedding. DO NOT DO THIS. I repeat, DO NOT DO THIS. Go home and wait for an invitation. If it doesn’t arrive, you have your answer.

8. Arrive late to the ceremony and insist on walking in after the processional starts.

9. Doing the “nasty” with your significant other. Wait till you get home or back at the hotel, please.

10. TOP ONE …. getting sloppy drunk and making a fool out of yourself.

What did I miss? Love to hear your thoughts.

ps The photo that is show on this blog posts were AWESOME guests, not bad ones. At all.

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

plan on!


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