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Social media is super fun, although we use it for both fun AND business. And now for your wedding!

Instagram (and just in case you don’t know what this is) it’s a free social media application you can download on your smart phone and now can access through your web browser. It’s Facebook, for photographer enthusiasts. You don’t have to take the best photos in the world because of their oh-so-awesome filters. Seriously. I’m gorgeous after I filter myself out in Instagram. Side note: I’m taking a photo a day to post for 2013. You can follow me for a glimpse of the behind the scenes (real and personal).

If you want to include your guests in your wedding memories then perhaps post a sign to let them in on the social media fun? You’ll need a #hashtag so you can find everyone’s photos after the fact.

Here’s one idea, and I love it was located in the ceremony program.

instagram wedding 1photo credit:

Also, it’s important to promote your Instagram idea in other locations. Like this…

instagram wedding 2

photo credit:

One of the things that we love to do is grab a quick photo of the bride and her Dad seconds before they walk down the aisle. There is Amanda above with her Dad (he’s a lot taller than her, sorry his head is cut off).

Check out my thoughts on social media in general, article is inside the News4U as I grace the cover. Thank you so much for the opportunity! Loads of fun!

january news 4U 2013

What other ideas do you have to incorporate social media into your wedding? Would love to hear them!

ps Watch Local 7 Lifestyles Wedding Planning segment on this as well!

plan on!


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