happy birthday, dear blog…

Today is our planning…forever events blog 5th birthday. Which in blogging years that’s about 35 years.

Now with so many wedding bloggers, it can be over stimulating to say the least. But I embrace them all! Because every reader wants something different.

Here’s our blogging philosophy:

  1. We love to show photos from our REAL weddings first, before scraping another photo.
  2. Humor will always be used. Because planning weddings isn’t curing cancer.
  3. Keep it real. What else?
  4. REAL tips that you can use to help your wedding go smoother.
  5. Always provide general info and wedding goodness for people that live in our Tri State area. We love looking at outdoor, rustic, weddings set for 40 people in the wine country. But that is hard to translate here in our hot, humid summers.
  6. We love a little controversy and tongue in cheek. See #2.
  7. Shorter the posts, the better.
  8. We don’t do inspiration boards. It’s not our thing. There are enough bloggers that do it better than we would.
  9. It’s not a necessity to blog every single day, or a three day week schedule. Instead, when there is something to say then … here comes a blog post.
  10. We love comments and wish you would more often.

Thank you for reading, dear reader. We puffy heart you.

p.s. Tomorrow there will be some super cool news that we want to share with you!

p.p.s. Is it suppose to be p.p.s. or p.s.s. ? I think the former.

plan on!


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