steaming it up with boudoir photo …

Boudoir photography. Intimate photography. Steamy photos. Everyone has a different name for it, but it all comes down to one thing.

Sizzling, yummy, sexy, classy photos of a beautiful woman.

This concept has been around a long time. My sister-in-law had hers taken waaaay back in the early 90’s. We teased her then, but she LOVES them now. It’s a permanent reminder of herself back in her prime (going to get an email for that comment).

For the few of you that don’t know what we’re talking about…. it’s an opportunity to take beautiful photos, like a model, that are tasteful, but sexy. Let’s just say. Thank God for professional makeup and Photoshop.

This is a perfect gift for your groom or husband on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Earth Day, Groundhog’s Day…. you get the idea. They are going to love it. No matter what “day” it is.

We’re excited that more local photographers are doing this type of shooting her locally. Here’s a few to look at…

Matt with Matt Vickers Photography has his own unique style …

Andrea Walker takes beautiful photos with Walker Studio….

Don’t let the lingerie intimidate you. If that’s not your style, talk to your photographer. Tousled hair, professional makeup and a guy’s dress shirt.

Let YOUR OWN personality show through.

featured photo credit: pfe iPhone

ps Thank you Matt and Andrea for the photos. BEAUTIFUL!

plan on!


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