what would you change (at your wedding)?

I twittered a question to the public, what would you change about your wedding if you could. Thought the answer would be interesting and even talked about it on Fox 7.

What would I of changed? Luckily, not the groom (tee hee).  I would of seen each other before the ceremony. Our wedding ceremony and reception were at the same location and I would have loved to join in on cocktail hour with my guests. It was silly to put it off and I felt rushed.

Here are a few of the anonymous answers:

  • My wedding was 1 1/2 years ago, but I wish I would have interviewed more photographers. My photos weren’t the best.
  • I would have danced more and not worried so much about family drama.
  • Broken traditions. I didn’t think outside the box on anything. Biggest thing would have been to have it outside, not church.
  • Had a handler for my MIL. I would have had someone passing out a midnight snack as guests left.
  • I wouldn’t have skimped on photographs!
  • I wish I hired a wedding planner for at least the day. Too much going on and I stressed!
  • I would have hired a videographer, and I would have left more time for pics of just me and my husband,  sans bridal party.
  • I wouldn’t have changed a thing about mine! Unless, I could have controlled the weather 🙂
  • I would have changed one of my bridesmaids &I would have got a better cake.
  • I would of chosen a different groom.
  • Gotten 2 photographers…have one of hubby getting ready! Also I think I would of chosen my bridal party slightly different.
  • Oh wow ONE thing? I wish I had a BETTER planner. That would’ve taken care of a few things, things I wish had been different!
  • I am not recently married, it’s been 3.5 years, but I would have hired a better photog. I don’t really like the pictures I got.
  • I wish we had chosen a navy pintuck linen instead of navy cotton w/ runner.
  • I wish I had hired a planner instead of trying to do it all myself!
  • Not use husbands cousin for flowers. Didn’t listen—flowers not as expected. Caution with family-creates for sticky situation!
  • I would have hired a dj or band.

Soooo…… what would you have changed? Come ‘on, leave a comment… I know you want to…..

And brides/groom’s … I hope you learned a few things above!

plan on!



6 thoughts on “what would you change (at your wedding)?”

  1. There isn’t much I would change about my wedding, but here are a few things..
    1: I would’ve carried with a me a “must take” photo list. The photographer was great, but there were a few pictures I wanted but didn’t get
    2: My dad wanted to make a welcome speech, and the DJ never announced him, and I didn’t think about it and he didn’t get to. I wish I would’ve paid attention
    3: My DJ didn’t play a “last dance song” I really wish I had one. It was suppsed to be “had the time of my life” Sigh…

    I think that’s it!

  2. I would have changed the day of our wedding. We got married on a Thursday to cut costs, but family left EARLY, so it wasn’t really worth it.

  3. I would have been involved in hiring a sound guy. My BIL did it (as a gift), he made the mistake to pay him up front, and he was BRUTAL!!! He was hired to relieve any stress from my hubby and his family/friends, but he was so bad, he created the only stress of the day.

  4. Saundra,
    Considering my wedding was 12 years ago I would change the following:

    1. the car door handle breaking off as we went to get in the car.
    2. less soapy bubbles that didn’t burn my eyes as I walked to the car
    3. Hired a professional photographer instead of allowing a friend who said they were a “professional wedding photographer” to give his gift of crap photography to me for my wedding.

    Other than that it was perfect….I think…

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