do not box in your wedding caterer :: part four

Part Four of our “don’t box us in” five part series about your wedding vendors!

Hmmmm….. good food. Hmmm…. good food at one of the biggest events of your LIFE, your wedding!

Sasha Souza once said that your guests will remember 3 things from your wedding: food, fun and service! Isn’t that true? If any of those things are sub par, then you will have problems.

Interestingly, your food costs could be one of your higher expenses depending on your taste palette and your guest count. So keep these things in mind…

Tips for the best outcome working with your wedding caterer:

1. Do not pack in 250 guests into a space challenged venue and expect your catering staff to serve a plated meal in a timely manner. This is where event planners can really help you with the floor plan and the real anticipated serving time (which can dramatically effect your timeline). There has to be enough space for the servers to walk around the table to set/pick up the plates.

2. Like with bartenders, do not skimp on the volume of servers that you are willing to pay for working at your wedding. It takes a lot of people to serve a large amount of guests. Most often there will be a line item on your catering proposal as to the number of servers they will bring. Look closely at that.

3. If you have guests that are suppose to have a specific plate, such as; vegetarian or vegan, make it easy for these people to be identified. Work with your wedding planner on where they will be seated so he/she can let them know.

4. Listen to your caterer when they talk about the best ways to serve the food. If they tell you it is difficult to keep your favorite dish hot and serve 200 people, then listen to them. Order that fave dish tonight for just to the two of you.

Trust your wedding caterer.

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Tomorrow, part 5 and finale of this “don’t box us in” vendor series

plan on!



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  1. From my point of view wedding planning should be done with fun and excitement. All the arrangements should be done on time. Before making any arrangements a well planned list of things should be maintained and followed. Decide about whether you will make all the arrangements by yourself or you will hire a wedding planner.

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