anyone care for old slice of wedding cake?

If you want a piece (tee hee) of Princess Diana’s wedding, today is your lucky day!

A slice of Diana’s wedding cake that has been preserved for 27 years in a former servant’s attic (yuk) is going on auction today! They are expecting it to yeild up to £20,000. For old, stale, 27 year old cake.

The cake slice has the crest on it, which makes it very valuable (well of course!) and it also comes with a letter from Princess Diana (now we’re talking).

I guess everyone’s gotta be doing something (that’s what I say when I don’t understand things).

Good luck to the winning bidder!

plan on!

5 thoughts on “anyone care for old slice of wedding cake?”

  1. awww, they got married on my birthday, July 29th, but a year before I was born….. not sure I’d want to eat wedding cake thats older than I am! it looks pretty cool though!

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