no, thank YOU!

Got the sweetest thank you card today from the MOB.

Man I love it when we hit a home run. And it was so easy to do so with this family, great attitudes and fun loving. They were one of our risk takers we talked about earlier! I’m waiting for the professional pictures from Walker Studio!! Which by the way, gave us this referral, so thank you very much!


Housekeeping issue: we are tweaking the blog right now and for the next few weeks. Expect to find some weirdness. Just let us know if you can’t access something and thank you for your patience!

happy dance!


3 thoughts on “no, thank YOU!”

  1. My mom meant every word she wrote. We can’t stop talking about how Saundra helped in so many little ways. The day after the wedding my mom and I said we fell in love with Saundra when we saw her wiping beer off the dance floor.

  2. It’s true….wedding planner’s do have a glamorous job, like cleaning up spilled beer on the dance floor. You guys were great to work with and I loved your wedding! Thanks for the comment since you have been blog stalking me for months! FINALLY!


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