top 10 signs you are a wedding addict

It’s 2008 folks. Let’s get this year started out right. This is an article I wrote that will be published next month (among others) for a local wedding magazine. Let’s get a preview, shall we?

Top 10 Signs you are a Wedding Addict

10. To the chagrin of your friends and family around you; your wedding is all that you can talk about. At dinner. At the gym. At your office. At Target. At your yearly check-up. In your sleep.

9.You download a count down clock that tells you the months, weeks, days, hours and minutes until your wedding. Because you are that cute.

8. You quickly have run out of space in your 2 inch wedding binder and now can fill at least five more.

7. You Tivo all the wedding cable shows and find yourself yelling at the brides at their ridiculous choice of wedding flower arrangements.

6. You have regular nightmares regarding your wedding. The DJ doesn’t show up, the prime rib you ordered comes out looking charred, and the cake is dumped on the floor because Aunt Martha’s eight unruly children running through the reception hall.

5. You’ve maxed out your bridesmaid’s email server because of the sheer volume of pictures and constant itinerary updates.

4. You find yourself rehearsing what you will say in the thank you card to your cheap relatives that always bring gifts from the Family Dollar General Store.

3. You regularly miss your exit to your house off the highway because you’re lost in thoughts about the details of your wedding.

2.If you could get a dollar for every time you’ve said “Because it’s my day” you realize you would probably be able to pay for a full hosted bar.

and the number one reason, that let’s you know you have a wedding addiction problem (drum roll)……

1. You’re so obsessed that you now speak in wedding short-text lingo. For instance; you tell your FOB that your MOB, MOG and FI need to meet to discuss the OOT guest list and your FSIL’s son who is the RB.

[Translation: You tell your Dad that your Mom, fiancé’s mom and fiancé need to meet to discuss the out of town guest list and your future sister in law’s son who is the ring bearer.]

13 thoughts on “top 10 signs you are a wedding addict”

  1. Hey Saundra–this list cracks me up! #10 was me about 1 year ago….

    And YES: I did my first giveaway of the year yesterday. My past giveaways have been pretty fun–I’ve done two in the past few months. I’ve got a publisher hookup (my former employer) and the PR girl hooks me up! Also–I love to get 20 comments on a post…it’s fun to see who is reading and who is brave enough to comment 🙂


  2. Oh I DO love it. I love it, love it, love it!!! Hilarious, but oh so true. Brings back memories for me…as I really did become a wedding addict, and still am! lol Thanks for this awesomeness…you rock!

    Happy New Year!
    -Jaime 🙂

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